Gary's Gun Notes #9

The new 500 Smith & Wesson Magnum has sure garnered it's share of comments in the last couple of weeks.  Everything from "just another Dan Wesson Clone" to a "Welcome addition".  By this time next month we should know more.  Also they have the new 329 for those of you that like a pound and a half 44 magnum.  That one will be interesting. 

A tremendous amount of new products are awaiting us during the next several months, not only new firearms but a considerable amount of new cartridges and accessories.  We'll see.

Over the last couple of days I talked to my son Kase about a new movie that Wesley Snipes had out that was very disturbing.  Kase had called, highly pissed, and asked if I had seen it yet.  He mentioned that is was the most disgusting anti gun movie ever.  I rented it last night to see for myself as Snipes had always put out decent action movies.  I had a hard time believing he had done what Sylvester Stallone did a year or two ago.  Within 5 minutes of the movie starting I was already mad.  This new movie is the worst case of cheap shot anti gun bullshit I have ever seen.  It is full of slams against gun makers, gun owners, the U.S. Constitution and especially the NRA.  He plays an ex CIA sniper whose child has been killed by a kid on dope with a gun.  Nowhere does he blame the drugs, just the gun.  He takes a woman hostage who is the president of a gun manufacturer and it goes downhill from there.  He kills several people with a sniper rifle and mentions that killing him is alright "because he was friends with the NRA".  Another because "he was a Republican".

Some of his cheap shots are in extremely bad taste.  He talks of kids being killed and says it would give the NRA more reason for everyone carrying guns, that the NRA could use that for good media exposure.

The movie "Liberty Stands Still" is the most disgusting, lie filled movie I have ever seen.  And the bad thing is that Snipes has a good following, young and old alike, that will be bludgeoned with the worst type of anti gun, anti NRA and anti U.S. Constitution lies ever.

When Sylvester Stallone when anti gun a couple of years ago, a lot of action movie people and pro-gun people just stopped going to his movies.  I think it has made a difference.  His last several movies have not done anywhere as well as his older ones and a lot of this has to relate to his recent anti gun attitude.  personally I will never go to another Stallone movie.  Now I can add Wesley Snipes to that list.

Those of you that have been buying our new cross draw holsters, we have a couple of new ones to premier in the next couple of weeks.  We have holsters, crossdraw and standard hip, coming for our 3 inch Redhawk Alaskan Survivalist, and for our new BMF and Professional Hunter, both on our own stretch frames.  We also hope to have a new line of good heavy leather shoulder holsters ready by mid summer.

If you have a gun ordered from us, or from John Linebaugh or Hamilton Bowen or any other custom gunsmith, keep this in mind.  I know you get antsy about the delivery and excited about your new gun but constantly calling any custom gunsmith only slows him down even more.  I talk to John, Hamilton and a few others all the time and they all have the same pet peeve, the phone calls.  Many people send in a gun saying "I know this will take 9 months to a year and it's no big deal, so take your time".  And within a month they are calling asking how it is coming.  Remember, we don't get paid until the gun is finished, so we have a good reason to finish your gun.  I don't know one single custom gunsmith that is not considerably behind schedule.  When we have to depend upon someone else for our steels, our grip materials, our engraving templates and stencils and a myriad of other products, there is no way we can tell you to the day, or even to the month, when your gun will be finished.  We all pride ourselves on doing the best job possible, but in doing this we cannot, and normally will not, rush the work.  Just hang in there and be patient.  you'll be glad you did.


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