22 Flattop Tool

Several years ago we developed our FLATTOP TOOL. This little gizmo lets you take a standard cheap round nose 22 LR round and give it the power of a 22 Magnum. The tool holds 3 rounds and does 3 at a time. You simply put the rounds in the Flattop Tool, close the base, take a knife of box cutter and shave off the tips of the bullets that is sticking out. That's it. That simple change gives your 22 LR round the power of a 22 Magnum. In the picture the small hole is the standard 22 LR round nose. The big hole is a round from the same box but after running it thru the Flattop Tool.



Reeder Hats

SOMETHING NEW FOR HANDGUN HUNTERS. You guys that hunt with a revolver, I have one of the neatest shoulder holsters ever. And I thank John Taffin for the inspiration. This holster is simple and perfect for the handgun hunter that carries a revolver. The holster is flat against your ribcage and there is a half moon spring , leather covered, that holds the gun in. It is clean and simple. No gadgets or frills, just a good solid hunting holster. It is our Dangerous Game Holster. Right now I have them for 6 1/2" and for 7 1/2" single action revolvers, and for N frame Smith & Wesson revolvers. This holster will eventually run $250 but I have them at a special price of $195. Left or right hand.




Reeder Custom Guns hats come in several colors, from black with camo sides, orange with camo sides, to solid tan. One size fits all.



Hats $25.

1911 Concealed Carry Holsters

Gold Bead Sight

I just got a big batch of concealed carry holsters in for a 1911. These are top grade cowhide, crossdraw holsters, right hand and left hand. They fit perfectly in front canted so they are within a couple of inches of your hand at all times. You can strap it in or the strap will drop down behind the holster and be out of the way.  They are double stitched and hand made by an Amish fellow who does all our holsters. Top grade all the way.  The good thing is they are $100. you.


Gary Reeder Custom Guns has the gold bead front sight and V rear sight blade for the Redhawks, Super Redhawks and the Ruger Hunter revolver.
The sight set is $75.


Al Goerg Holsters GNR Loading Dies
In 1963 Al Goerg, the father of handgun hunting designed a shoulder holster for large caliber revolvers. Goerg was killed in a small plane crash in Alaska in 1965 so very few of his unique holsters were actually ever made and they are collector's items today. Well, now you too can own one of the finest shoulder holsters ever designed. We were able to obtain one of Al Goerg's holsters and have made a holster we call The Classic. Our Classic holster is a true copy of Al Goerg's shoulder holster and is made from the finest cowhide available. Each holster is custom made to your specs and to the caliber and barrel length you need. The Classic holster is made for any revolver up to 10" barrel length and calibers up to 500 Linebaugh and our 510 GNR.

   The new Classic holster has an ammo carrier under the off side arm that holds 10 extra rounds just like Al's original design and extra ammo carriers are available in different calibers. So now, whether you carry a 32 H&R hunting or a 510 GNR we have a holster for you and an ammo carrier for that caliber of ammunition. The new Classic holster is $250, which is the holster and the original ammo carrier. Extra ammo carriers in other calibers are $75. Six week delivery in most cases.


Stardard GNR/Falcon/Raptor/Banchee(2-die set) dies $145

300 GNR (3-die set) dies $160

586 GNR and 610 GNR $265


Goerg Dan Wesson Heavy Underlug  Holster 1911 Magnum Pack
Any of you that have the Dan Wesson Super Mag with the heavy underlug barrel, we now have shoulder holsters for it. We had these holsters designed especially for any revolver with the heavy underlug barrel, especially the Dan Wessons. The holsters are in our Classic series, which is the remake of the Al Goerg shoulder holster. Goerg designed the holster in 1963 but back then there were no underlug barrels and his design is good only for the skinny barrels. But we had so much demand that we re-designed the holster and it is now available to order. You can order it in whatever barrel length you need, left hand or right hand. The holster is made out of top grain cowhide and extremely well made. The holster comes with the 10 round ammo carrier that hangs under the right arm, and extra ammo carriers are available for other calibers. The holster is $250 and it takes about 6 to 8 weeks to have it made as they are made to order especially for your revolver. Call or e-mail me if you are interested in ordering one.

1911 Magnum Pack

 This is a packet of the 5 most needed parts for your 1911, the parts that would normally shut your 1911 down if something happened.
2. Firing Pin Stop- Heavy Duty Steel
3. Sear Spring
4. Magnum Extractor

These 5 things, going by wholesale in Brownells run right at $109.95. We have the new 1911 Magnum Pack at $59.95 plus shipping.

Yaqui Holster T-Shirts  $20.
This is our Yaqui belt slide holster. High grade cowhide, double stitched. These holsters will fit just about any semi auto and are ambidextrous. 



Holster for Bearcat or Hellcat
 gunsocks.jpg (50114 bytes)
Gun Socks - $10.
 AutoMag, Grizzly  or Desert Eagle Holsters and Mag Pouches

Our Crossdraw Holster for Scoped Encore or Contenders

The Encore/Contender holsters are $150.00

Crossdraw holsters in for the Auto Mag in brown and we also got another dozen in black.  The holsters are fully suede lined to protect your Auto Mag's finish. The holsters are for up to an 8" barrel and are for left hand or right hand. They are suede lined so they protect the finish and the gun sits deep enough to protect the adjustable sight.  The holsters are $150 plus shipping. If you own an Auto Mag, Desert Eagle or Grizzly you know good mag pouches are rare. The flimsy nylon pouches are available but are junk. Well, now you have a well made magazine pouch for those expensive magazines. We are having them made and they are very well made of top grade cowhide with a good strong snap and fit on any belt. They fit the Auto Mags, the Desert Eagles and the Grizzly magazines. They are $60.



encoreholster-4.jpg (74799 bytes)

encoreholster-1.jpg (76231 bytes)
Some of the holsters that are available with the custom guns. Belts
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Our custom scoped holsters are made for a standard revolver or for the Ruger Hunter revolvers with the scope out on the barrel. We also have the holsters with the short cut out to fit the various red dot sights that sit on the top of the frame. They are also made for the Contender and Encore. They are double stitched of the finest cowhide and suede lined.

 $150. for scoped holsters

$100. for non-scoped holsters



For years it has been hard to find a decent well made gun belt that would hold up a heavy revolver or semi auto. Well, no longer. Our new gun belts are double layers, one side brown and the other side black, so you have a choice of which color you like. They are heavy duty belts with a solid brass buckle. They come in 1" width and 1" width. To order just measure the overall length of your current belt and order that length. These belts are made of top grain cowhide and meant to last a lifetime.


Gun belts  $75.