Custom Cartridges

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310 GNR
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8mm GNR
510 GNR
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The 510 GNR flanked by the 50 Special on the left
and 500 Linebaugh on the right

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356 GNR, shown here on the left. On the right is the standard factory 357 magnum. This cartridge is a necked down 41 magnum and gives the 357 bullet as much energy as a 44 magnum. Simple to load and no backing out in the cylinder makes the 356 GNR an excellent revolver cartridge for medium sized game. A 125 grain jhp will do almost 2100 fps.

475 GNR, shown here on the right. On the left is the 475 Linebaugh. This thumper has been around since 1987 and is chambered in our custom Marlins and in Encores. Brass and dies are available from us The 475 GNR puts a 390 grain bullet out at almost 2000 fps.

300 GNR, shown here on the right. Standard 30-30 on the left. This cartridge was developed for revolvers and does extremely well on deer sized game. No backing out problems either. Easy to make. Simply a cut down 30-30 case. A 110 grain jhp bullet will do well over 2000 fps out of a 7 inch revolver barrel.

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Left to Right: .41 Magnum, 41 GNR
The 2 cartridges on the Right are the new .410 GNR

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416 GNR

416 GNR 

450 GNR

GARY REEDER CUSTOM GUNS has what the big game hunter needs for his Thompson-Center Encore. In 1990, we developed two cartridges based on the full length 348 case that would take any of the biggest game in North America or Africa. These two cartridges are the 416 GNR, shown on the left with a 416 GNR fireformed case in the middle, and the 450 GNR on the right. Our 416 GNR will put a 400 grain bullet out of a 15-inch barrel at almost 2000 fps and a 300 grain bullet at over 2150. The muzzle energy on both these bullets is well over 3000 fpe. Our 450 GNR will also put a 300 grain bullet out at over 2150 with the 400 grain at 2050. Both of these cartridges will take the biggest game there is. If you're hunting big game this fall take along plenty of power, in either our 416 GNR or 450 GNR. Our dies are made by Hornady Custom and all load data is enclosed. All our 416 and 450 GNR barrels come with our own patented muzzle brake to bring the recoil down to that of a 44 Magnum revolver. 

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