GARY REEDER'S GNR CARTRIDGES - A Complete Reloading Manual

here are the current cartridges..
first the ones based on the 405 case..
257 GNR
277 GNR
280 GNR
310 GNR
8mm GNR
338 GNR
350 GNR
366 GNR
378 GNR

Next cartridges based on the 30-30 case
221 Falcon
241 Falcon
256 Falcon
6.5 GNR
30 GNR
300 GNR
330 Falcon
355 GNR
361 Falcon
400 GNR

Next the cartridges based on the 22 K-Hornet
240 Banshee
255 Banshee

Next the cartridges based on the 204 case
240 Raptor
257 Raptor
6.5 Raptor
7 Raptor
30 Raptor

Next the cartridges based on the 445 Super Mag case
340 GNR
358 GNR
375 GNR
401 GNR #2
41 GNR#2
416 GNR#2

Next are various custom cartridges
224 GNR...based on 357 Maximum
250 GNR based on the 32 H&R
251 Falcon..based on the 25-20 case
256 GNR..based on the 357 Maximum
257 Firecat..based on the 260 Rem. case
284 GNR based on the 357 Maximum case
307 GNR based on the 357 Maximum case
356 GNR..based on the 41 Mag case
321 GNR..based on the 357 Magnum case
366 Firecat...based on the 308 case
376 GNR..based on the 8mm Mauser case
375 GNR #2..based on the 45-70 case
377 GNR..based on the 460 S&W case
401 GNR..based on the 44 Mag case
41 GNR..based on the 44 Mag case
410 GNR...based on the 454 case
411 GNR...based on the 460 S&W case
416 GNR..based on the 348 or 50 Alaskan case
429 GNR...based on the 454 case
430 GNR...based on the 460 S&W case
440 GNR..based on the 348 or 50 Alaskan case
455 GNR...based on the 475 Linebaugh case
450 GNR...based on the 348 or 50 Alaskan case
457 GNR...based on the 475 Max or the 45-70 case
470 GNR...based on the 500 Linebaugh case
471 GNR...based on the 500 S&W case
475 GNR...based on the 45-70 case
476 GNR...based on the 50 Alaskan case
500 GNR...based on the 510 GNR case
501 GNR...based on the 500 Linebaugh case
510 GNR...based on it's own case or cut down 500 Linebaugh
586 GNR...based on the 577 Snyder case
610 GNR...based on the 577 Snyder case

Anyone ordering a barrel or revolver or rifle in one of these cartridges will get the loading data in with the dies.

224 GNR to 256 GNR

Left to Right...224 GNR, 240 Banshee, 240 raptor, 255 Banshee, 257 Raptor, 256 GNR

256 Falcon to 7 GNR

Left to Right...256 Falcon, 257 GNR, 6.5 Raptor, 277 GNR, 284 GNR, 280 GNR, 7 GNR

300 GNR to 310 GNR

Left to Right...300 GNR, 30 GNR, 307 GNR, 310 GNR

8mm GNR to 358 GNR

Left to Right...8mm GNR, 338 GNR, 340 GNR, 350 GNR, 356 GNR, 358 GNR

366 GNR to 378 GNR

Left to Right...366 GNR, 375 GNR, 375 GNR#2, 378 GNR

401 GNR to 410 GNR

Left to Right...401 GNR, 41 GNR, 41 GNR#2, 410 GNR

416 GNR to 457 GNR

Left to Right...416 GNR, 416 GNR#2, 429 GNR, 440 GNR, 450 GNR, 455 GNR, 457 GNR

475 GNR to 510 GNR

Left to Right...475 GNR, 476 GNR, 500 GNR, 510 GNR

586 GNR to 610 GNR

Left to Right...586 GNR, 45 Long Colt, 610 GNR

These are our big bore cartridges, for large to dangerous game. Three are revolver cartridges, the rest for large caliber lever guns. Left to right..
375 GNR#2, 416 GNR, 440 GNR, 450 GNR, 457 GNR, 475 GNR, 476 GNR, 500 GNR, 510 GNR.
These are our medium bore revolver cartridges. These are also chambered in Contender/G-2, and Encore barrels and several in lever guns. Left to right...
300 GNR, 356 GNR, 401 GNR, 41 GNR, 410 GNR, 41 GNR#2, 429 GNR, 455 GNR.
These are the GNR cartridges based on the 405 brass. L-R
257 GNR, 280 GNR, 310 GNR, 8mm GNR, 338 GNR, 350 GNR, 378 GNR.

Here are 4 of the 6 new cartridges..L-R 284 GNR, 307 GNR, 401 GNR, 500 GNR.

These are the 4 cartridges based on the 445 Super Mag case, L-R..41 GNR#2, 375 GNR, 358 GNR, 340 GNR.

41 GNR#2..This is a very easy cartridge to load and is very powerful. It has the capability to take anything on the North American Continent up to bull elk and moose and has done very well in Africa and Australia. The Encore in a 4 to 6" barrel gives optimum performance. The 210 grain Sierra bullet will easily do 2200 FPS and the 255 grain LBT will do 2200 fps also. The cartridge does very well in the stretch frame revolvers too, putting a 255 grain LBT bullet out of a 7" barrel at almost 2000 fps.
375 GNR....An extremely popular cartridge, the 375 is also very powerful and easy to load. Large game the size of bull elk are child's play with the 375 GNR. In a 12" Encore barrel the 375 GNR will put a 225 grain hard cast gas check bullet out at almost 2250 fps. It will put the Hornady 220 grain soft point out at a good solid 2200 fps. The 375 GNR is also popular in the stretch frame revolvers.
358 GNR..Another cartridge for large game up to cow elk. The 358 GNR performs way beyond what one would expect. It will come very close to the 35 Remington rifle cartridge. In a scoped 12" Encore barrel 200 yard shots are normal. The 358 GNR puts out a 187 grain LBT bullet at over 2100 fps. It also is popular in stretch frame revolvers.
340 GNR...the newest of the 4 cartridges made on the 445 Super Mag brass, the 340 GNR is a very fast, flat shooting cartridge capable of taking the large game with ease. Like the cartridges above the 340 GNR will easily take animals up to cow elk. Some hunters are taking large bodied deer and hogs at ranges of 200 yards quite frequently. The 340 GNR will easily put a 180 grain bullet out of a 12" Encore barrel at 2200 fps and a 200 grain bullet at over 2100 fps.
Our new Raptor cartridges are our newest Encore/Contender/G-2 cartridges. They are the 240 Raptor (.243), the 257 Raptor (.257) and the 6.5 Raptor (.264). The Raptors are based on the 204 Ruger brass. We chose the 204 case as it is readily available plus it has more case capacity than the 223. In the last year the Raptors have taken numerous deer size game out to 215 yards cleanly. The Raptors are very efficient and can shoot 75 and 85 grain bullets at 2600 fps, with no recoil. They are great long range deer cartridges. 


raptors-3.jpg (56848 bytes)

240 Raptor, 257 Raptor & 6.5 Raptor.

Charlie Herf and his lion taken with the 257 Raptor,

85 grain soft point, one shot.


raptors-2.jpg (54714 bytes) raptors-1.jpg (55349 bytes)

This is the 223 (left) 3 Raptors
 then the 257 GNR( right)

Raptors compared 
to the 257 GNR(right)

Newest Cartridges!!

Left to right..240 Banshee, 255 Banshee on the left along with the 3 Raptor cartridges.

In mid 2010 I decided to continue our small caliber direction. Our Raptors had been very popular so i wanted to go one step lower. For this I chose the 22 Hornet brass. I necked it up to .243 and .257 and these became the 240 Banshee and the 255 Banshee. With our economy in the dumpster using a cartridge that uses a small amount of powder just makes sense. Both cartridges use the new 55 to 75 grain bullets that have come on the market recently. Velocities in the 2000 fps range are normal with some higher with the lighter weight bullets. Both cartridges are extremely accurate and have no recoil. For varmints, coyotes or even smaller bodied deer the Banshees do very well.

The 240 Banshee is accurate with all bullet weights as is the 255 Banshee.
Target shot with the 240 Banshee shows great accuracy. The fireformed 240 Banshee on the left, an unfireformed 240 Banshee on the right.
The 240 Banshee, and the 255 Bansee with the new 307 GNR on the right.

256 -610GNR.jpg (75711 bytes)

Here are some of our  cartridges and some others for comparison. From left to right...

256 GNR..this is a cartridge we developed for use in the Ruger Maximum stretch frame revolver. We have had large 450 pound wild hogs taken with this along with large deer. A great little cartridge and no recoil. Basically a 357 Maximum case necked to 25 caliber. Loading dies and data are available.

Our 429 GNR. This holds one third more powder than the 44 magnum. A very powerful cartridge with no more recoil than the 44 magnum. Basically a 454 case necked down to 44. Loading dies and data are available.

Next is the 44 magnum for comparison to the 429 GNR.

Next is the 45 Long Colt for comparison to our next cartridge.

This is the 455 GNR. Compare it to the 45 long colt to it's left. Much more powder capacity. It will equal the 454 with considerably less recoil. Basically a 475 Linebaugh case necked to 45. Dies and data are available.

This next cartridge is our 375 GNR. It is chambered in the stretch frame Ruger Maximum revolver. Makes a great big game long range cartridge/revolver combo. Great for elk size critters. Basically a 445 Super mag case necked down to 375. Dies and data are available.

This our 440 GNR Magnum. This one is chambered in the Encore and in Marlin 1895 rifles plus Ruger #1 rifles. It is for the big game hunter who likes the 44 caliber bullet. Considerably more power than the 444 and nearly as much as the 458 Win. Magnum. Basically it is the 50 Alaskan case necked down to 44 caliber. Dies and data are available.

Now we get into our really big cartridges. This is our 586 GNR. This cartridge shoots a 550 grain bullet at almost 2000 fps. It is a 577 Snider case with a slight shoulder on it. This one is built on the Ruger #1 rifle. Dies and data are available.

Now the biggest of them all, our 610 GNR. This monster killer is based on the 577 Snider case, which is readily available, necked up straight to .620 caliber. It shoots a 550 grain bullet at 1900 fps. More power than the 460 Weatherby cartridge but the recoil of a 12 gauge magnum shotgun. This one is chambered in the Ruger #1 rifle. Dies and data are available.

newcartridges257-378.jpg (75255 bytes)

Over the past several years we have come out with several cartridges that are based on the 405 case.  Left to right, they are...

The new 257 GNR. This is a great long range, very flat shooting cartridge for deer and antelope. The 257 GNR case holds approximately 16% more powder than the 25-06 so the cartridge is ideal for those long range shots. It is the 405 case necked down to 25 caliber. Dies and data are available.

This is our 280 GNR cartridge. We recently did the testing on this one is Africa on 350 pound to 500 pound animals and it took them with one shot in every case. Basically it is the 405 case necked to 7mm. This one equals the 280 Ackley Improved. Dies and data are available.

This is our 310 GNR and probably the most versatile cartridge in this series. It is basically the 405 case necked down to .308. With more case capacity it will easily equal and beat the 30-06 and come very close to the 300 Winchester magnum. Great for groundhogs to bull elk. Dies and data are available.

This is the 8mm GNR Magnum. This is one for those that like the 8mm bullet and need a bit heavier bullet than is available in the .308 caliber. Basically it is a 405 case necked to 8mm. A great big game cartridge. Dies and data are available.

This is our 338 GNR caliber. This one has been around for many years and every year it has been used successfully in Africa, Australia and all over the world. basically a 405 case necked to 338. A great big game cartridge capable of taking anything on the North American Continent. Dies and data are available.

This next cartridge is our 350 GNR, a cartridge that has been around for over 15 years. This one is the 405 case necked down to 35 caliber. It will beat the 35 Whelen and is great for any animal on this continent. Excellent big game cartridge. Dies and data are available.

This is our most popular encore cartridge. It is the 378 GNR, the most powerful 375 caliber wildcat cartridge going, second only to the 375 H&H and runs just barely under the 375 H&H. This one has taken many elephant and dozens of Cape Buffalo. The perfect large dangerous game cartridge. It is the 405 case necked to 375. Dies and data are available.

Also remember any of the above cartridges are available as loaded ammo from Cartridge Performance Engineering. You can find them on the Links page on this web site. Brass is also available.

c3.jpg (19133 bytes) c5.jpg (17584 bytes)

224 GNR through 378 GNR

41 GNR through 510 GNR

Over the past couple of years we have come up with several new custom cartridges, bringing the total to over 40 of our own wildcat cartridges.  Many of these have been around since the late 70's and early 80s and have been shown on our web site and brochures since then.  Some are described above. Here are descriptions of some of the others.

224 GNR
At the bottom of the our list is the 224 GNR.  This varmint cartridge is simply a 357 Maximum necked down to 224.  The velocities will run right along with the 222.  Intended for the Contender, it is also available in our stretch frame revolver.

Next up is our 7 GNR, one of our most popular and easiest to make.  This one is formed by shooting 7X30 in it's chamber.  The 7 GNR was not intended as an improvement on the 7X30 as it was developed 2 years before the 7X30 came out.  In fact we used 375 Winchester brass when we first developed  it.  We eventually switched back to the 30-30 brass as it was a better choice. The 7 GNR will almost match the 7mm Mauser when shot in a 15 inch barrel.  In a 14 inch Contender it will do an honest 2600 fps with a 130 gr. bullet.  Great for deer-sized critters and great at long range.  Any 7X30 Contender can be rechambered to 7 GNR.

280 GNR
This cartridge puts a 140 grain 7mm bullet at an easy 2800 fps. A great cartridge for long range deer and antelope. Based on the 405 brass, this one was developed for the Encore handgun but works even better in the encore rifle. In the 24 inch Encore barrel, this one will almost match the 7mm Magnum. Dies and brass are readily available.

300 GNR
Gary_c.jpg (25538 bytes) This is our 300 GNR.  This one is simply a shortened 30-30 and intended for revolver use.  We took the old 30 Herrett and shortened it 1/10 of an inch and made the case a bit straighter and the shoulder a bit sharper.  This one will put a 110 gr. JHP out of a 7 inch barrel at 2200.  No set back problems with this one either.  Can be rechambered from a 30 Carbine Ruger.




30 GNR
3030and30gnr.gif (47773 bytes) Next up is a virtual duplicate of the 7 GNR except it is in 30 caliber.  The 30 GNR is an improvement over the 30-30 Improved.  It is formed by shooting the 30-30 in it's chamber.  Equal to the 300 Savage, it is great on deer-sized critters.  Any 30-30 Contender or rifle can be rechambered to this cartridge.




310 GNR
The 310 GNR. Ballistically between the 300 H&H and the 300 Winchester magnum, this one was intended for large game up to elk and excels at this. Extreme long range handgun shots are now possible with the new 310 GNR. and even longer shots are possible with the Encore rifle. Based on the 405 brass, dies, brass and loaded ammo is readily available.

8mm GNR
The 8mm GNR . This cartridge was developed in 2005 and is a great long range big game cartridge. Elk or moose would be some of the game this cartridge was developed for. Based on the 405 case, dies, and brass are available. This cartridge was developed for use in the Encore handgun but works even better in the Encore rifle.

338 GNR
338-350-378-375.gif (51224 bytes)  The 338 GNR is one of my favorite. I've used this one countless times in Africa and in Australia on 600 to 800 pound critters.  In Australia the feral donkeys, which are the size of a large mule, fall to one shot almost every time. It is formed from 405 Winchester brass by simply necking it down.  This one will put a 210 gr. bullet our at 2400 fps. The 260 gr. Partition does extremely well on elk size critters.


350 GNR
338-350-378-375.gif (51224 bytes) Built on the same 405 brass is our 350 GNR.  This one is necked down to 358 and is a virtual duplicate of the 338 GNR except in 35 caliber.  Good for elk size game.



356 GNR
Gary_a.jpg (16898 bytes)   This one is our 356 GNR and is a 41 Magnum case necked down to 357. (note standard 357 for comparison)  It is intended for revolvers but works well in Contenders also.  It will put a 125 gr. bullet out at 2200 fps.   Best when rechambered from 357 Mag Blackhawks, Redhawks, or S&W Model 27 or 28. Also available in our SKORPION revolver.



358 GNR
Next up the ladder is our 358 GNR.  This one is intended for big game and has taken a lot of it through the years.  It is a 445 SuperMag necked down to 358 and comes very close to 35 Remington ballistics.  Does well in stretch frame revolvers and in Contenders or encores.  Any 357 Mag or 357 Maximum Contender can be rechambered.

375 GNR
Our 375 GNR is next in line and this one was intended for the Contender and encore and for stretch frame revolvers.   It is formed by necking down the 445 SuperMag to 375.  It will pretty much duplicate the ballistics of a 375 Winchester in an Encore.  

375 GNR #2
Up next and still in the 375 caliber category is the 375 GNR #2.  This one is a ballistic duplicate of the 378 GNR but is made on the 45-70 brass.  Recommended for Encores only as it has a bit more pressure than the 378 GNR.

378 GNR
338-350-378-375.gif (51224 bytes)The 378 GNR.  This one is for big and dangerous game.  It will put a 300 gr. bullet out of a 15 inch barrel at 2100 fps.  Several elephant and numerous cape buffs have gone down to this cartridge.




Next is our 401 GNR. Using the .400 caliber bullets this one is an easy shooting round with plenty of punch. I personally use the 180 grain to 200 grain gas checked hard lead 38-40 bullets in this one. On a recent hunt the 200 grain hard cast bullet plowed completely thru a large hog side to side for an instant kill. This is a 44 magnum brass necked down to .400. Very much like the 41 GNR in looks and power.


41 GNR
pp410a.jpg (22351 bytes) The oldest of our custom cartridges is our 41 GNR - the 2nd cartridge from the left. (the two on the right are the 410 GNR - see below)  This one developed back in 1979 and released it in 1980.  It is a 44 Magnum necked down to 41.  This one put a 170 gr. Sierra JHP out of an 8 inch barrel at 2100 fps.  Everything up to elk and caribou have been taken with this one.  In the last two years I have taken a 1900 pound Bison with one shot with the 41 GNR in an 8 barreled G-2, and more recently a 2000 pound Water Buffalo also with one shot with the 41 GNR in the same G-2. Any 41 Mag revolver can be rechambered to the 41 GNR.

41 GNR #2
414441.gif (46338 bytes) The second of our 41 caliber wildcats is our 41 GNR #2.  This one is a 445 SuperMag case necked down to 41 and has taken a lot of large elk size game through the years.  This one will put a 220 gr. bullet out at 2000 fps.  This one is best in a Contender or a stretch frame revolver.



410 GNR
pp410a.jpg (22351 bytes) The 3rd of our 41 caliber wildcats is our 410 GNR - the 2 cartridges on the right.  This one took 4 large buffalo in a 5 month period.  One American Bison, one Australian Water Buffalo and 2 Cape Buffalo.  3 of the 4 were taken with one shot each with a 255 gr. LBT.  This is a 454 Casull case neck down to 41.  It puts a 255 gr. LBT bullet out at 1900 fps and does best in a 5 shot revolver or Encore barrel.


416 GNR
416GNR 450GNR.jpg (32819 bytes) Still in the 41 caliber but a bit larger is our 416 GNR. ( It is on the left with a fireformed cartridge in the center.  The cartridge on the right is 450 GNR - see below)  This one is form from 348 case full length necked up to 416.  I have used this one considerably in Africa on large game.  It puts a 350 gr. bullet out at 2300 fps and is best in an Encore. Recently Bill Firman took a large elephant with the 416 GNR in Africa.



450 GNR
416GNR 450GNR.jpg (32819 bytes) Next in the Dangerous Game category is our 450 GNR.  We developed this one back in 1991 for a safari scheduled in Africa the next year.  It has repeatedly taken Cape Buffalo and at least 4 elephant that I know of.  It is about 5% under the 458 Win Mag and does best in the Encore.  This one is a 348 case necked up to 458.



450 KNR

In Dangerous Game cartridges the best of that league is our 450 KNR.  This one was developed by my son Kase back in '91 and is a 470 Nitro case necked down to 458.  It is a real thumper on both ends.  Mainly rechambered in Ruger #1 rifles from a 45-70, it is now popular in the Encore handgun and is a real handful.


Next is our 457 GNR. This cartridge was designed to be a very powerful revolver round for dangerous game. It is based on the 475 Maximum case necked to .458. It is also chambered in encore barrels. This one will duplicate 45-70 rifle ballistics in a 7 revolver.

475 GNR
Gary_b.jpg (27511 bytes) Next up is our 475 GNR. (compared in size to a .475 Linebaugh)  This one we developed back in 1987 for the Contender. It is a 45-70 blown out straight and with a 475 caliber bullet seated in it.  It puts a 430 gr. LBT bullet out at 2000 fps and has been used extremely well on Cape Buffalo, Bison, and Australian Buffalo.  Best in the Encore or in a Marlin 1895 rifle rebarreled.  Brass is available.




476 GNR
The 476 GNR is the Daddy of the 475 GNR. Considerably more powerful, it is a 348 case or a 50 Alaskan case necked to .475. It works very well on dangerous game. vest.jpg (30978 bytes)This 375 grain LBT went thru 4 hindquarters of a large range bull. It went thru hip to hip on one bull hanging and then on to the second bull and thru both hips on that one and then hung up in a pile of fresh hides. It expanded to almost the size of a quarter. Both bulls were probably 650 to 700 pounds, so it went thru a measured 7 feet of meat and bone and 2 inches of stacked fresh hides.



Next in line is our 500 GNR. For those that like the .500 caliber, this one is for you. Designed for dangerous game, it is simply a 510 GNR case with a slight neck, down to .500. It will duplicate the ballistics of the 510 GNR, putting a 350 grain bullet out of a revolver at 1250 fps.


510 GNR
pp50a.jpg (20056 bytes) This is our biggest revolver cartridge, the 510 GNR. It is in the center with a .50 Special on the left and .500 Linebaugh on the right. A true 510 caliber, this cartridge is 1/10 of an inch shorter than the 500 Linebaugh and brass is available.  It can be loaded up to the 500 Linebaugh or loaded down to the 50 Special ballistics.  Best in a 5 shot revolver.

c7.jpg (11991 bytes)
280 GNR, 310 GNR and 8mm GNR

Dies for all the above cartridges are available from us.  Loading data is enclosed with the dies.

GARY REEDER'S GNR CARTRIDGES - A Complete Reloading Manual