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This is our new super knife, our BFK. This huge 17 inch beauty is a real mans knife. Sharp as a razor, the 12 inch Bowie style blade will do just about anything you want it to. This beast is completely hand made by our well know knife maker, John Morgan. Each BFK is numbered and we will only make 50. Each one is made from the highest quality tempered steel known to man, with brass hilt and ebony handle. Each BFK has an animal scenes on the left side and various animals engraved on the right side. Each of our BFKs can also be personalized at no additional charge.  bfk1.JPG (24917 bytes)
bfk_blade1.JPG (17788 bytes) Shown is some of the engraving and the size of the BFK as compared to our stretch frame 500 maximum revolver. 
Remember only 50 of our BFK knives will ever be built so order yours today.
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 4 to 6 week delivery in most cases.
The BFK Super Knife


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