Grip Frames

grip1.JPG (20188 bytes) grip2.JPG (22221 bytes) grip3.JPG (20794 bytes)
Gunfighter Grip, bisley style
 with black micarta
Our Trail Rider gripframe with cherry laminated, shown with a swivel stud Gunfighter Grip on a Hunter grip with red cherry laminated grips
grip4.JPG (19216 bytes) grip5.JPG (19989 bytes) grip6.JPG (21800 bytes)
Gunfighter Grip on a Vaquero grip with black micarta (this grip is the same as a Blackhawk) Gunfighter Grip on a Night Hawk with rosewood Our #5 gripframe with 
 ivory Max
grip7.JPG (23012 bytes) grip8.JPG (19289 bytes) grip9.JPG (16479 bytes)
Our Western Classic gripframe with ivory Corian Our Gunfighter Grip, bisley style with ivory Max Our Gambler Grip, as is normal on a Doc Holliday Classic with pearl
grip10.JPG (21310 bytes) grip11.JPG (15453 bytes)
Our Gunfighter Grip on a 
Freedom Arms small frame
with stag
Our Gunfighter Grip on a 
Super Blackhawk with