Custom Work Prices





Color Case Hardening
Revolver and Encore frames
  1911 frames   $350
  Large rifle frames, Marlin 1895, etc..   $450
double rifles or double shotguns, boxlock or sidelock
  Price on request
Reblue* Satin or High Polish      
    $300.00 $300.00
High Polish Stainless Steel   $250.00  
Muzzle Brakes   $200.00 $200.00


Action Job   $175.00 $175.00
Steel Ejector Rod Housing   $55.00  
Rechambering Rifle to GNR or standard calibers     $250 & up
Rechambering T/C or Encore   $ 150.00 (GNR Calibers)  

other calibers slightly higher

Shorten Ejector Rod Housing   $40.00  
Shorten Cylinder Rod   $25.00  
Belt Mountain Cylinder Pin   $65.00 fitted  
Rechambering Revolvers      (GNR calibers ONLY)   $250 per cylinder  
Cut and Crown Vaquero barrel For our serrated front sight add $40.00 $ 175.00 stainless steel
$ 225.00 blue
Cut and Crown Blackhawk barrel   $175.00 stainless steel
$225.00 blue
Magnum or Bisley Style Grip Frame (Stainless)   $250.00  
Replacing Ruger front sight   $50.00  
Interchangeable Front Sight Blade System   $100.00  stainless 
$175 blue - includes bluing of the barrel
Extra blades in Red or Green Fiber Optic, Gold Bead or Standard Ramp
Barrel band front sight with blade for rifles or handguns. (price does not include barrel)

$200 Stainless
$250. Blue
Channeling the frame   $150  
Flattop Frame   $150  
Scallop rear of frame and loading gate   $150  
8 shot cylinder in small calibers only   $350  
Super Blackhawk Wide Spur Hammer and Fit (Stainless)   $75.00  
Deep Dish Crown   $100.00 $100.00
Maxi-Throat on Revolvers   $100.00  
Custom Engraving      
  1/4 coverage $250.00 $250.00
  1/2 coverage $400.00 $450.00
  Full coverage $800.00 Price on request
.45 ACP cylinder for Vaquero or Blackhawk   $250.00  
Opening Cylinder Mouths   $25.00 per hole  
5 Shot Cylinder                      (Single Action Only) Extra 5 shot cylinder Only done in a package $350.00  
Barrel Replacement on Revolvers   $300.00 Includes Maxi-Throat and Deep Dish Crown  
Octagonal handgun barrels up to 6 inches $500  
Octagonal handgun barrels  6 to 8 inches $600  
Free Wheeling 6 Shot Cylinder (On Your Cylinder)   $85.00  
Signature on barrel or frame   $75.00 and up  (if blue add $150 for rebluing )  
Name or initials on barrel or frame    $65.00 and up  (if blue add $150 for rebluing )  
Gold Bands on Barrel or Cylinder   $100.00 per 2 bands  
Round butt grip frame and grips on S&W and other square-butt revolvers except Redhawk
Round butt gripframe on Redhawk..
$150.00 stainless steel frame
$ 350.00 blued frame
plus grips
$250 for stainless.
$350 for blued guns,
Doc Holliday Grip conversion   $ 150.00 stainless steel frame
$ 175.00 blued frame
(does not include grips)
Gunfighter Grip conversion   $ 150.00 stainless steel frame
$ 175.00 blued frame
(does not include grips)
Trail Rider/Tombstone Grip Frame    $ 400.00 stainless steel grip frame
$ 350.00 blued grip frame
(does not include hammer,trigger, grips)
Bisley style hammer 
(Old Model Vaquero Blackhawk or Super Blackhawk))
Colt Style Cylinder on your cylinder   $40.00 stainless
$75.00 blue
Vapor Honed finish   $150.00 stainless
Custom grips fitted to your gun      
If your gun is blue add $75.00 for bluing of the gripframe. Burl wood $250  
Custom laminated in various colors $150  
  Corian $150  
  Deluxe walnut, oak or cherry $150 and up  
  Ivory Max $200  
  20,000 year old mastodon ivory $1000  
  Mongolian stag $250  

*Minimum time for rebluing is six weeks. Prices are subject to change without notice.