African Hunts with Gary Reeder

Gary has been taking hunters into Africa for some time.
We have now devoted a separate page to those hunts.

4-10-2006-05_2.jpg (50599 bytes)
Puff putting in a tough day hunting

Africa 2006

4-10-2006-06_2.jpg (48183 bytes)
The "Shooting Box" at Rooiport
4-10-2006-08_2.jpg (65985 bytes)
The hunting lodge at Baviaan River
4-10-2006-15_2.jpg (75714 bytes)
Ray Massey with his Bontebok
4-10-2006-17_2.jpg (87204 bytes)
Larry Kovach with his Mountain Reedbuck
4-10-2006-19_2.jpg (55964 bytes)
Ray Massey with his Black Wildebeest
4-10-2006-23_2.jpg (73075 bytes)
Ray Massey with his Lechwe
4-10-2006-25_2.jpg (74099 bytes)
PH Vlam with a big Monitor Lizard
marshall1.JPG (84579 bytes)
Tracy Marshall
Red Hartebeest 375 H&H
marshall2.JPG (118739 bytes)
Tracy Marshall
Zebra 375 H&H
marshall3.JPG (54522 bytes)
Tracy Marshall
Finishing shot Blue Wildebeest 510GNR
marshall4.JPG (85149 bytes)
Tracy Marshall
Blue Wildebeest 378 GNR
marshall5.JPG (40705 bytes)
Tracy Marshall
Springbok 375 H&H
marshall6.JPG (76350 bytes)
Tracy Marshall
Kudu 375 H&H
marshall7.JPG (59876 bytes)
Tracy Marshall
Blesbok 378 GNR
sean005.jpg (27047 bytes)
Sean Harper with Springbok
sean010.jpg (36096 bytes)
Another batch of skulls in the skinning shed
sean014.jpg (34448 bytes)
Around the fire..Puff, Brian and Bill Firman
sean019.jpg (28619 bytes)
Around the fire..GR, Bill Springer, Brian, Bill Firman and PH Troy
sean020.jpg (29930 bytes)
our camp girls
sean022.jpg (39677 bytes)
long guns in the rack for safety..PH Graham
sean023.jpg (47195 bytes)
Sean with warthog
sean053.jpg (21515 bytes)
Sean with Blesbok
sean057.jpg (28767 bytes)
Sean with Steenbok
sean063.jpg (28764 bytes)
A Jackal in the road ahead
sean070.jpg (29150 bytes)
Sean with Red Hartebeest
sean075.jpg (20548 bytes)
our sighting in range
sean079.jpg (27745 bytes)
one of the Land Cruisers
sean081.jpg (31974 bytes)
Home Sweet Home
sean082.jpg (23555 bytes)
inside the tent
sean085.jpg (31495 bytes)
A lot of horns
sean127.jpg (15503 bytes)
Baviaan meant long shots
sean130.jpg (28411 bytes)
Another long shot
sean139.jpg (20446 bytes)
Sean with nice Cape Kudu
sean144.jpg (20046 bytes)
Sean with Impala
sean149.jpg (30196 bytes)
Sean with Mountain Reedbuck
sean168.jpg (39023 bytes)
Hard hunting in Baviaan
sean172.jpg (34854 bytes)
Sean with Bushbuck
sean196.jpg (26878 bytes)
Sean with Blue Wildebeest
sean206.jpg (31267 bytes)
Bill Springer with Gemsbok
sean209.jpg (33540 bytes)
Woody Seiders with Gemsbok
sean215.jpg (38466 bytes)
Woody with Black Wildebeest


bwb.jpg (77940 bytes)
Brian Tonnacliff with Blue wildebeest, 375 H&H
duiker.jpg (53606 bytes)
Brian with Grey Duiker
gemsbok.jpg (71923 bytes)
Brian with well earned Gemsbok, 375 H&H
sb.jpg (54423 bytes)
Brian with Springbok
sb2.jpg (48475 bytes)
Brian with Springbok
skulls.jpg (45555 bytes)
Skulls in skinning shed
sunset_2.jpg (35930 bytes)
Sunset in Africa
wh2.jpg (47967 bytes)
Brian with large warthog
africaa.jpg (80933 bytes)
Bontebok 338 GNR Encore
africab.jpg (39947 bytes)
Lechwe .. 338 Encore
africac.jpg (53442 bytes)
Black Springbok .. 338 Encore 
africad.jpg (52651 bytes)
White Springbok . 338 GNR Encore
africae.jpg (69156 bytes)
White Blesbok .. 338 GNR Encore
africaf.jpg (53754 bytes)
Mountain Reedbuck .. 338 GNR Encore
africag.jpg (90641 bytes)
Mountain Reedbuck .. 338 GNR Encore
africah.jpg (60492 bytes)
Vaal Rhebok 338 GNR Encore
africai.jpg (55476 bytes)
Blue Wildebeest . 378 GNR Encore
africaj.jpg (52676 bytes)
Red Hartebeest . 378 GNR Encore
africak.jpg (51455 bytes)
Gemsbok 378 GNR Encore
africal.jpg (58063 bytes)  
Record Book Roan . 378 GNR Encore
africam.jpg (50248 bytes)
Sable . 378 GNR Encore
african.jpg (90625 bytes)
Cape Buffalo 378 GNR Encore
africao.jpg (55316 bytes)
Cape Eland .. 378 GNR Encore
africap.jpg (60815 bytes)
East Cape Kudu 378 GNR Encore
africaq.jpg (50069 bytes)
Warthog . 378 GNR Encore
africar.jpg (42926 bytes)
Typical Springbok . 378 GNR Encore
africas.jpg (66077 bytes)
Black Wildebeest 378 GNR Encore
africat.jpg (73500 bytes)
Record Book Springbok 338 GNR Encore
africau.jpg (47022 bytes)
Southern Impala 338 GNR Encore
p3230002.jpg (63514 bytes)
GR lynx...338 GNR
p3250006.jpg (63846 bytes)
Puffs lynx 338 GNR
p3250011.jpg (60887 bytes)
Puffs Bushbuck..338 GNR
p3260015.jpg (63707 bytes)
B.Firmans Black Springbok...338 GNR
p3260018.jpg (56969 bytes)
B.Firmans White Springbok...338 GNR
p3260020.jpg (61764 bytes)
GR Black Springbok...338 GNR
p3280021.jpg (63183 bytes)
Bills Mountain Reedbuck...338 GNR
p3280023.jpg (63148 bytes)
GR 3 point Vahl Rhebok...338 GNR
p3280024.jpg (61425 bytes)
Bills 2nd Mountain Reedbuck...338 GNR
p3280026.jpg (56088 bytes)
Puffs Steenbok...338 GNR
p3310037.jpg (60205 bytes)
Bills Blue Wildebeest...378 GNR
p3310038.jpg (58873 bytes)
Bills Red Hartebeest...378 GNR
p3310042.jpg (59159 bytes)
Puffs Eland..416 GNR
p3310044.jpg (60389 bytes)
Puffs Eland..416 GNR
p4010045.jpg (60740 bytes)
Bills Gemsbok...378 GNR
p4010049.jpg (60469 bytes)
Puffs Kudu...416 GNR
p4020051.jpg (62503 bytes)
Puffs Red Hartebeest...470 Nitro
p4070075.jpg (63413 bytes)
The boys of the second group

munyan_lion1.JPG (59508 bytes)

Leon Munyan with his African lion, 378 GNR, 1 shot

munyan_lion2.JPG (53953 bytes)

bleesbok_gr.jpg (45078 bytes)
GR with monster Blesbok
One shot, 378 GNR

Africa 2005

wildebeest_gr.jpg (46946 bytes)
GR with top 3 Blue Wildebeest. One shot 378 GNR

DCAM0003_0003.JPG (62949 bytes)
GR with his new
 #1 Black Wildebeest
DCAM0009_0009.JPG (60755 bytes)
GR with new #1 SCI Steenbok.
 378 GNR
DSC00252.JPG (99229 bytes)
Joe Butler, Shane Lambert, GR,
and Davey Chavarria
shanelambert1.JPG (39136 bytes)
ShaneLambert2 with large Gemsbok taken with 378 GNR
shanelambert2.JPG (47483 bytes)
ShaneLambert1 with Blue Wildebeest shot at 95 yards with 510 GNR. 
DCAM0001_0001.JPG (55532 bytes)
GR's Black Wildebeest
DCAM0005_0005.JPG (92259 bytes)
Davey Chavarria with his 
top 5 SCI Springbok
DCAM0007_0007.JPG (81777 bytes)
Davey Chavarria with
top 10 SCI gemsbok
DSC00068.JPG (132382 bytes)
Davey Chavarria with high scoring Blue Wildebeest
DSC00092.JPG (73323 bytes)
Davey Chavarria with record book Kudu, 375 H&H



DSC00127.JPG (73336 bytes)
Davey Chavarria with Zebra stallion
DSC00149.JPG (99642 bytes)

Davey Chavarria with top 10 SCI Blesbok



DSC00212.JPG (34777 bytes)
Davey Chavarria with new
 #2 SCI Eland
AfricaPictures016.jpg (65730 bytes)
Shane Lambert with a large Cape Kudu. 375 H&H
AfricaPictures029.jpg (43706 bytes)
Shane Lambert with a big stallion Zebra. 375 H&H
AfricaPictures001.jpg (55924 bytes)
Shane Lambert with a 
record book Blesbok. 378 GNR
AfricaPictures002.jpg (40038 bytes)
Shane Lambert with his record book Steenbok. 375 H&H
cape_kudu.jpg (28899 bytes)
GR with 55" Cape Kudu. 378 GNR, one shot
butler1.jpg (19814 bytes)
Joe Butler with his 
Red Hartebeest, 475 GNR
butler2.jpg (15221 bytes)
Joe Butler with his record book eland, .475 GNR
butler4.jpg (15909 bytes)
Joe Butler with a record book Springbok, 475 GNR
butler5.jpg (14580 bytes)
Joe Butler with his large 
Blesbok, 378 GNR
butler6.jpg (14713 bytes)
Joe Butler with a huge Cape Kudu, 378 GNR
butler7.jpg (12774 bytes)
Joe Butler with his big Blue Wildebeest, 475 GNR
  butler3.jpg (10487 bytes)
Joe Butler with the first of his 2 Gemsbok, 378 GNR


Africa 2004

africaalaska001.jpg (98460 bytes)
African PH Graham with GR's top 3 Bushbuck
  africaalaska003.jpg (127030 bytes)
GR with top 5 Kudu
jason1.jpg (46535 bytes)
Jason Parr with Top 5 Handgun Steenbok
jason2.jpg (56631 bytes)
Jason's huge Kudu
jason3.jpg (31630 bytes)
Jason with Zebra
jason4.jpg (32875 bytes)
Jason with nice Impala
jason5.jpg (35563 bytes)
Jason with large Blue Wildebeest
jason6.jpg (69543 bytes)
Jason with old Gemsbok bull
  jason7.jpg (69684 bytes)

  Africa 2003  
new-2.jpg (76168 bytes)
GR with record book Cape Kudu, 378 GNR.
new-3.jpg (65227 bytes)
Keith Kallsen with large Impala, 375 H&H.
new-4.jpg (118499 bytes)
Keith Kallsen with a very long horned Gemsbok,375 H&H.
new-5.jpg (77781 bytes)
Keith Kallsen with a heavy horned wildebeest, 410 GNR
africa1.jpg (60391 bytes)
GR with record book Blesbok..378 GNR
africa2.jpg (68332 bytes)
GR with Blue Wildebeest, 510 GNR
africa3.jpg (73976 bytes)
Larry Kovach with large Blesbok, 300 WSM
kallsen_gemsbok.jpg (46299 bytes)
Keith Kallsen, Gemsbok
375 H&H
africa5.jpg (101784 bytes)
GR with first Gemsbok, 510 GNR
africa6.jpg (78888 bytes)
GR and tracker with second Gemsbok, 378 GNR
africa4.jpg (66248 bytes)
Larry Kovach with record book Springbok, 300 WSM
africa8.jpg (67258 bytes)
Larry Kovach with huge Red Hartebeest, 410 GNR
keithredhartebeest.jpg (41661 bytes)
Keith Kallsen -a Gold Medal Red Hartebeest 375 H&H
keithelandjpg.jpg (34265 bytes)
Keith Kallsen - Eland 375 H&H
capekudu.jpg (43395 bytes)
Brian Doher Cape Kudu 378 GNR
bluewildebeest.jpg (35451 bytes)
Brian Doher Blue Wildebeest 378 GNR
gemsbok.jpg (40081 bytes)
Brian Doher Gemsbok 378 GNR
eland.jpg (34175 bytes)
Brian Doher Eland 378 GNR
redhartebeest.jpg (9461 bytes)
Brian Doher Red Hartebeest 30.06 encore
steenboks.jpg (37131 bytes)
Brian Doher Steenbok 300 GNR
springbok.jpg (49834 bytes)
Brian Doher Springbok 30.06 encore
warthog.jpg (32559 bytes)
Brian Doher Warthog 30.06 Encore
robertson2.JPG (38384 bytes)
Roger Robertson with a large Blue Wildebeest taken with a 44 magnum.
robertson3.JPG (50933 bytes)
Roger Robertson with a warthog taken with a 44 magnum.
robertson1.JPG (54383 bytes)
Roger Robertson, his Professional Hunter and trackers.
dscf0022.jpg (31229 bytes)
Rick Sim with his little brother
dscf0025.jpg (40043 bytes)
Rick Sim with a large Impala
dscf0028.jpg (52509 bytes)
Rick Sim with a top 10 Sprinkbok
dscf0036.jpg (40673 bytes)
Rick Sim with his extremely large Gemsbok
dscf0042.jpg (38204 bytes)
Rick Sim with a top 10 Blesbok

Previous African Hunts
Untitled-1.jpg (56175 bytes)
Charlie Herf with huge Eland
Shot with Big 5 Classic in
375 Ultra Mag.  One shot.
Untitled-2.jpg (36192 bytes)
Charlie Herf with Zebra taken with 375 Ultra Mag.  One shot.
Untitled-3.jpg (39391 bytes)
Charlie Herf with large dark faced Impala taken with 375 UM
Untitled-4.jpg (34273 bytes)
Gary Reeder with
Nightmare Alice
Untitled-5.jpg (80745 bytes)
Colleen Reeder with Zebra taken with 300 Win Mag at over 400 yards.  One shot.
Untitled-6.jpg (32245 bytes)
Kase Reeder with large Kudu
taken with 416 GNR
andyc1.jpg (13673 bytes)
Andy Chinouth - Lena, IL
Kuda w/ 378 GNR - 1 Shot
j_hughes.jpg (15207 bytes)
John Hughes
Muskegon, MI
andyc2.jpg (11618 bytes)
Andy Chinouth - Lena, IL
Large cape Buffolo - 378 GNR - 300 Grain, Solid
pp1.jpg (45213 bytes)
Gary Reeder with #1 SCI Springbok taken with custom .30 GNR
pp2.jpg (74378 bytes)
Larry Kovach
Top 10 Eland taken with
custom .475 GNR
pp3.jpg (43810 bytes)
Gary Reeder with #1 SCI 
Red Hartebeest taken with custom .378 GNR
pp4.jpg (54919 bytes)
John Abraham (left) & Larry Kovatch - Tope 10 SCI Blue Wildebeest taken with custom .475 GNR
pp5.jpg (44872 bytes)
Gary Reeder with #1 SCI Gemsbok taken with custom .475 GNR
pp6.jpg (47411 bytes)
Gary Reeder with #1 SCI Blue Wildebeest taken with 
custom .378 GNR
pp8.jpg (60528 bytes)
Gary Reeder with #2 SCI Waterbuck taken with custom 378 GNR
  pp7.jpg (98761 bytes)
Gary Reeder with #1 SCI Eland
taken with custom 378 GNR