1911 Magnum Pack

We are now offering our 1911 Magnum Packs. This is a packet of the 5 most needed parts for your 1911, the parts that would normally shut your 1911 down if something happened. I took 6 of them home for my guns. Included in the Magnum Pack is...
1. stainless steel firing pin
2. new heavy duty firing pin spring
3. Firing pin stop..heavy duty steel
4. Sear spring
5. Magnum extractor

These 5 things, going by wholesale in Brownells run right at $70. We have the new 1911 Magnum Pack at $39.95 plus shipping.






Fixed Fiber Optic Sight

New front sight for Vaqueros -

Do you have trouble seeing the front sight on a Vaquero or a Colt or Colt clone? We have a whole new front sight system where we replace your front sight with ours that has a red, green or yellow fiber optic bead. Now you can actually hunt with that vaquero or Colt. The sight on a stainless gun is $100, on a blue gun where we have to reblue the barrel it is $175 plus shipping. Here is the sight on a Colt revolver.