Gary's Gun Notes #80

This past 30 days has been a hectic one. More and more people are buying guns and more are getting into hunting. Normally when I get my 2 machine shops open I settle down to work on some custom guns, mainly doing the engraving and design work. I have 8 guys working for me who do the really important work like making cylinders, making the barrels, making grips from slabs, etc. Kase does all the 1911 work building many of them completely from rough cast slides and frames and from aftermarket parts. 

This past month has been an exception. More and more I am called over to our gun shop that my wife Colleen runs to help people with gun or hunting questions. Normally Colleen can answer 90% of their questions as she is extremely knowledgeable on guns, ammo, hunting and combat shooting, as she has participated in each of them thru the years.

But lately more and more people are coming in that are total novices and sometimes there will be 5 or 6 people in the gun shop at one time and I end up going over next door and helping out behind the counter. 

The gun buying rush has slacked up a bit in the "assault rifle" and "assault shotgun" categories but is still very strong in handgun buying and buying reloading gear. More people are getting into reloading as a way to continue shooting with the increased prices of ammunition. 

Obama has caused most of this with his veiled and sometimes not so veiled threats aimed at the gun owners in this country. Because of his threats, people who probably would never buy a gun and for sure never would have thought of getting into reloading are doing so. 

The guns that people are looking for right now are mostly guns that can be used as home defense weapons. In several major cities across the country home invasions are up nearly 200% and in some areas even over that. People are simply scared. Scared of roaming gangbangers, illegal aliens who band together and kick in doors to steal anything and everything you own and sometimes kill in the process. Americans are tired of this and are handling the problem the only way they know how, by arming themselves. 

Despite all the anti gun talk in congress and by Obama, this is backfiring on them in many instances. More pro-gun laws have been passed since Obama got in office than in any other 7 month period in recent history. Cities and states that are known anti gun states have passed pro gun bills. More states than ever before have concealed carry permits. Carry permit applications in San Bernardino County in California are up well over 700% and the sheriff there is actually approving them. 

In Illinois, long an anti gun state, the Governor signed 2 pro gun bills today. These weren't earth shaking bills but they were pro gun, never-the-less. Many states are now gearing up to allow guns in state parks for the first time. Although it is up to the individual park, the percentage is for allowing them if a person has a carry permit. 

The reason for all this is simple. People are pissed off. They are mad at their elected officials for going along with all the anti gun and anti America crap that Obama is trying to get passed. It is because you are not letting up on the phone calls and e-mails to your senators and congressmen that these anti gun bills are not passing and in some cases not even being introduced on the floor. Don't think your e-mails and phone calls don't matter, they do. We must keep up the pressure on them in the coming months or face disaster in more ways than one. Stay alert, watch for the town hall meetings in your area and attend them. 

In another sickening incident Obama announced that he wants Cass Sunstein as his regulatory czar. This idiot is a hard core animal rights activist and has stated several times that he wants to ban hunting and even go so far as to say that animals have the right to sue humans in court. We must let our elected officials know we don't want this guy in there. 

As I mentioned there is an up side to this. More and more people are buying guns. In the last couple of months the NICS check that gun shops have to do before a gun can be transferred has been up 30% or better each month. In April alone there were over 1.2 million gun checks approved. And this doesn't count the number of guns sold at gun shows or person to person where there are no NICS checks. Plus that is simply the number of phone calls approved. In most states you can buy up to 4 guns on one sheet, so the number could be significantly higher than 1,228,000 guns sold in April.

Another plus, as the number of gun owners increases, the bad polls decrease. The Gallup poles in the last few months have shown a steady decline in anti gun sentiments and a strong increase in pro gun answers on their polls. 

We are having more and more women come into our shop to check on a handgun for themselves, to carry in their vehicle on in their purse. And this is exactly what we want. For the gun rights to stay strong, we have to get the women and youngsters involved. If you have any influence with your local gun shop, ask them to have a gun safety course for women in their shop some evening. They can get with their local factory rep, like Ruger and S&W and they will bring guns to the shop for the course at no charge to the gun shop, sort of on consignment for an evening. Then if someone wants to buy that gun, they can sell it to them. This is a win win situation for everyone. 

OK, let's see what we have other than political stuff. Remember the old Federal Nyclad ammo? It was a nylon clad bullet that reduced the lead in the air and was extremely accurate, especially in snubby revolvers. It was the favorite of law enforcement folks for carrying in their 38 special snubbies carried in ankle holsters. Well, Federal is bringing it back in their Premium line. It will be like before, the 125 grain 38 special hollow point. It was a winner before, there is no reason why it won't be the same again. 

Remember the old Coon Snake Charmer? It was a short 410 gauge single shot shotgun with an unusual stock that was a thumb-hole stock that incorporated an ammo holder in the butt. The Coon gun is long gone but is now back as the Rossi Tuffy. While being promoted as a youth gun, it makes an excellent boat or truck gun for snakes and politicians. 

There is an innovative gun safe on the market. It is called the Bedbunker by Hercules Research. It weighs 1500 pounds (your average gangbanger won't run off with this one) and is made of 10 gauge steel with 1/4" thick steel hinged doors. I know, you say whoopee, another safe. Big Deal. Well, this one is. It replaces the box springs on your bed and is compatible with most bed frames. It has gas assist piston operated doors and a special security hinge system. It also has 1 inch thick legs that move up and down to level it out on carpet. The price is compatible with a normal 40 gun safe, starting in the $2000 range. They are at 

I had a fellow ask me today if I thought the 370 Sako would replace the 375 H&H or the 375 Ruger. I told him I didn't think so as they weren't even the same caliber. He looked at me like I had something green crawling out of my nose. I explained to him that the 370 Sako was not a .375 caliber cartridge. It is a 9.3 or .366 caliber cartridge. It has been around since 2002, mainly in Europe as the 9.3X66. I like the looks of the cartridge as it is a slick case with no belt to be a pain in the schwantz. It is a bit under the 375 H&H in energy and power but close enough for government work. It puts a 250 grain bullet out at 2750, a 286 grain at 2550 and both of these end up in the 4100 range for energy. 

Our next HHC (Handgun Hunter's Challenge) is about 6 weeks away and is getting bigger and better each week. We still have a couple of openings, so if you and a buddy are interested, and need info, e-mail me at or call me at 928-526-3313. This promises to be our best hunt yet. We have hunters from all over the country coming to this one in the foothills of Tennessee. It will be at the Wilderness Hunting Lodge in Monterey Tennessee October 15 thru 18th. Arrive on Thursday midday, hunt that afternoon if you like, then hunt all day Friday and Saturday and Sunday morning if you haven't tagged out. It is a great hunt on many many acres and with some of the most sought after animals around. Everything from the Muntjac, the little 20 pound fanged barking deer, to 2000 pound water buffalo and monster elk. Lots of African and Asian game there too. If you only hunt one place this year due to our faltering economy, check this one out. The prices are great and the company is even better. It is also our Al Goerg Memorial Hunt, a memorial to the father of handgun hunting, Al Goerg, who was killed in Alaska in a plane crash in 1965. One of Al's sons, James Goerg will be there too. 

If you have already decided to make the hunt but haven't called in your $250 deposit, you can do so by calling Alan or Terry at 931-260-1600. You can see more about the lodge at

Til next time, it's hunting season, take a wife or youngster hunting!

God Bless,
Gary Reeder


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