Gary's Gun Notes #43 - SHOT Show Special

The SHOT SHOW had hundreds and hundreds of new items on display. These are some of the more interesting ones. Some of the standard new items like new Remington shotguns, and Ruger rifles I have purposefully left out as it simply didn't do anything for me. If you were breathlessly waiting for them, I apologize. 

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Smith & Wesson has a new long gun and it is an assault rifle called the MP-15. the fit and finish of this gun was excellent and the action was very smooth. A really nice rifle.

This is the new Sig assault rifle called the Sig 556. This one has all the bells and whistles and should give all the rest a run for the money. This is one that will really make S&W sit up and take notice. This is the new Taurus 2 inch 500 S&W. Very smooth and functions the way it should. The barrel is ported and the grips are angled right. A 5 shot 500 S&W.
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Want something flashy? here are 2 Taurus 2 inch snubbies in fire blue and gold. If the 2 Taurus revolvers weren't flashy enough here is a semi auto that would make you the king in San Francisco. This is their TP-22.

Armalite now is into handguns. This is one of their new ones. Much like the Witness line of pistols this one comes in 9mm and 40 caliber.

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Thompson Center has updated their Encore rifles and pistols with a revolving hammer that you can position left or right to get it out from under the scope. This will also be a feature that you can send your older encore back in for updating.  The is the Israeli Bul Cherokee. An unusual see thru frame sets this one off along with special milling work on the slide. This comes in 9mm and 40 caliber. 
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This is one that has to be Class 3 here in the states but is street legal in Israel where it is made. It is the Bul Compact with front handguard and shoulder stock. 9mm.  Ever want to shoot something around the corner. Well, now you can. This was actually out last year but this is the first chance I had to get a picture or two of it. Look closely and you will see the pistol sitting in the top of the frame. The electronic screen has a set of crosshairs in it so you simply ease the front of the unit around the corner, place the crosshairs on the target and pull the trigger in the rear of the unit. neat huh? They have 3 models of this. One for handguns, one for AR-15, and one for a 40 mm grenade launcher. 
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This is the Israeli Bul model 5 with a new type of sight on it. The rear aperture turns red when it is on the target. You simply pull the trigger and you got 'em.


Ever notice in the reloading manuals where it tells you what the load was fired in and it says "universal receiver"? Well, this is a universal receiver. This is why I don't put a lot of credence in some loading manuals. just because it is safe in this monster doesn't mean it is safe in my old piece of junk. It can also be used as a rail gun for those anal enough to want to use something like this. 
shotshow026.jpg (57053 bytes) shotshow027.jpg (59643 bytes) shotshow028.jpg (29471 bytes) shotshow029.jpg (55085 bytes)
Sig obviously has some new people that are interested in what people want. For years they have been stuck in this mode of ugly guns only. Now they are actually building guns that will interest people who don't like ugly. These 3 are some of their new custom guns This is another special custom Sig. This is their new Piranha. Not bad.
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And yet another custom Sig. This one is their Mosquito 22 full custom Sig actually has what they call their custom Longslide. It's only 1/2 inch longer than their standard model but at least they are trying. This one should keep the cats out of the back yard. This is a new 40mm pump grenade launcher. It is actually a remake of an older model that they are putting back out.
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This one should keep the cats out of the back yard. This is a new 40mm pump grenade launcher. It is actually a remake of an older model that they are putting back out. You knew Ruger was coming out with this one and here it is. The 50th anniversary 44 magnum flattop. It is a small frame and short cylinder revolver so don't plan on shooting any 300 grain LBTs in this one. 

Oh yes, just in case you missed it on the forum. This is the nicest thing at the SHOT SHOW. Cindy Garrison of GET Wild with Cindy garrison. Don't know who the old goat is with her.

That is some of the new items we saw at the SHOT SHOW. There were many many more but I thought you might be interested in these



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