Gary's Gun Notes #3

It always seems that during the long hot days of summer there aren't many new gun items to get us excited about the coming Fall and Hunting Season.  This summer may well be the same, but at least so far there seems to be a good crop of new shooting items up for grabs.  The last year or two there have been more new calibers introduced than at any time in recent history.  With Winchester and Remington and their new cartridges, Steyr's new 376, down to Steve Hornady's little 17 HMR.  New guns to go along with them also.  So maybe this summer won't be as blah as in years past.

For those of you that have ordered our Ultimate Back Up or our Southern Comfort big bore snubbies, there is a great new holster out that has all the merits to be one of the best hunting holsters made.  It is good friend Bob Baker's little crossdraw holster to be worn on the off side hip and is specifically meant for the 5 1/2" or less revolvers of a large caliber. My own Ultimate Back Up and my Southern Comfort both fit it like a glove.  The holsters are made of high grade leather and are set up for a slight cant crossdraw.  They have a strap with a  snap to go over the back of the hammer for safe carry.  I am very impressed with this new holster and it will see some use on my hip this Fall.  Let me know if you are interested in one.

Speaking of hunting this Fall, I have my Australian hunt coming up the last week of June and the first week of July.  We can no longer bring our own handguns into Australia but can use the handguns that are there.  I plan to hunt Buffalo among other things and the largest handgun the outfitter has is a 44 Magnum Redhawk.  It sounds like I will have to get with Randy Garrett and see what he has in his heavy hitting Hammerhead line up.  Those of you that don't load, you can't do much better than the Garrett Hammerhead ammo.

Big still seems to be the major word in cartridges. No matter how large a cartridge is, there seems to be someone that wants something just a bit bigger. In one 10 minute period yesterday, I had 2 people call to order the 585 Nyati in a custom rifle.  While ordering the rifles both asked the same thing: "Is there something I can get that is more powerful?"  A lot of orders coming in for our 475 GNR rifle and also in the Ultimate Encore.

In revolvers the same trend seems to be strong  there too.  We've had a considerable amount of orders for the 475 Maximum and 500 Maximum in our Professional Hunter.

Our new American Hunter has just been released.  It's a new version of the 475 Linebaugh, fitted with our own gripframe which is similar to the Ruger Hunter gripframe and our own set back trigger.  The gun also comes standard with stag grips.  The prototype is a two-toned model which seems to be quite popular.

One other new series that we have coming out very soon is our new Classic 45.  It uses a custom cylinder developed by Roger Hunsiker that uses 45 Long Colt, 45 ACP, and 45 Schofield all in one cylinder.  This 6 shot cylinder is not made for the hot LBT loads but for the standard 45 fodder.  No more having to carry 2 or 3 extra cylinders with you to the range.  One cylinder does it all.  It's a neat little revolver will hit the web site and the magazines within a month.

To all of you that have participated in our "Ask Reeder Custom Guns" segment of the web site, my thanks go out to you.  It has turned out to be extremely successful.  I even learn a thing or two every now and then.


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