Gary's Gun Notes #20

This time of year is always a very hectic one for us, as many people ask for their custom guns for Christmas gifts. We have shipped upwards of 2 dozen guns out in the last week or so and still have over 20 left to get out in the next week. Plus we are still working on our normal schedule. Busy busy.

Some of you may remember on our Q&A board the subject of grizzlies eating a couple of tree hugging granolas recently. Apparently this has happened on more than one or two instances. The state of Alaska is doing something about this and it is good news for those of you that would like to hunt a grizzly in Alaska but don't have $15,000 to $18,000 to spend on a grizz hunt. A good friend of mine, George Faerber of Trapper Creek Alaska is one of the best known guides in Alaska and at the Celebrity Handgun Hunt he had some great news for me. The state of Alaska wants to thin out the grizzly population this coming summer to stop the maulings and gnawings. So they are liberalizing the grizzly hunting season and have dropped the price drastically. The hunt is from June 10 thru August 10 and here is the good part. It is not $12,000, nor is it $8,000. How about $2500? That's right. $2500 for a grizzly hunt. The only extra expense is the tag which is $500 and your license which is $85. So for $3085 you can have a really good shot (no pun intended) at a huge grizzly. And this price included everything. Plus with George you don't have those extremely high bush plane flights into an area and back. George will pick you up at the Anchorage airport and take you back. This is a hunt I don't see how any bear hunter could turn down. But you need to call George as soon as possible as this will book up very quickly. His number is 907-733-2453.

The only down side to this hunt is that at that time of year with the black bugs and other buzzing little gnats the hides of the bear won't be in the best of condition. But replacement hides are available from just about any good taxidermist. Hell, just the fact that you can hunt a grizzly is worth $3000. I have two friends that passed up our last Africa hunt to go to Alaska to hunt grizzlies. Both got their bears with different guides and both paid over $15,000. One of them paid over $20,000 with the airfare and all. So this is one helluva hunt.

From time to time I get word of hunts like this one and the rogue elephant bull that I listed on my Q&A board recently. Anytime I get something I know is legit and a good deal I'll list it either here or on the board.

Our African hunt is still booking. I have 3 openings left. Jim Audette signed up in the last few days giving us at least 8 and maybe 9 hunters. The camp I booked holds 12 hunters and this promises to be one of the best hunts ever. Talking to John Abraham of Madubula Safaris recently, he told me the Kudu, eland, waterbuck, gemsbok and wildebeest population is larger than ever and the animals are absolutely record book. I think most of you that know me know that I tend to bullshit a lot and enjoy doing it. But this one is not. If you ever wanted to hunt Africa and dreamed of putting an animal or two in the record book, this is the hunt for you. I looked up the African hunts I have booked over the last 10 years and I have either taken with me or sent 58 hunters to Africa. And here is the good part. Every single one of them has put animals in the record book. Many of them like Ray Massey put animals in the top 3 in the world. Ray had never hunted Africa before I talked to him. He hunted with Madubula and took the largest black maned lion in 50 years, a huge 48 inch cape buff (they don't get much bigger) and a monster leopard, all on one hunt. By the way, Ray is in his 60's. If you are thinking of hunting Africa, give me a call today and go with us next June.

Larry Kovach has pretty much finished his testing of the 510 GNR and will start commercially loading it this coming weekend. You can find out more about it on his web site at . We have had some large animals taken with the 510 GNR, critters the size of eland or bison and most with one shot. If you want to hunt with a large caliber handgun but don't like the recoil of a 500 Linebaugh, try the 510 GNR. It works.

I talked to a fellow yesterday who called to tell me his Christmas wish list (various custom conversions that are different from the ones we normally build). If you have a wish list post it on my Q&A board. Who knows, it might come to pass. I'm always open to new ideas.

Until next time, have a good Christmas. Spend some time with your family for a change.



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