Gary's Gun Notes #13

Normally early summer and on into summer are relatively slow periods and sort of laid back.  Not so this year.   This past month has been extremely hectic, especially this past week.  American Handgunner has just come out with a great article on our new BMF.  Authored by John Taffin, this article is full of color pictures and makes us sound like we know what we are doing.  Besides being a good friend, John is terrific at doing what he does best, write good and informative articles, and for this John I thank you.

It's amazing how one new cartridge can be in the news for so long.  The 500 S&W is still the head topic these days.  Apparently Smith & Wesson has a backing of over 10 thousand revolvers ordered.  Steve Hornady will be making the brass and probably the ammo very soon and Starline is releasing the brass any day now.  I'm hearing rumors of one other company that is slated to build the ammo but that isn't confirmed yet.

While on the topic of brass, apparently 500 Linebaugh brass will be more readily available soon as will the 500 Maximum brass.

Our new 410 Hunter is just about ready for release.  It is a 5 shot revolver built on the new 41 magnum Hunter from Ruger.  It features our Bisley style Gunfighter Grip with black Micarta grips, Bisley style set back trigger, deep dish crown, Maxi Throat, action job, freewheeling, special engraving, plus our satin Vapor Honed finish.  We are currently test firing it and early results look good.  Chambered in our 410 GNR this one should be good for just about everything.  One of the 4 we are building will end up in my gun case heading for Africa.

For those of you that like the power of solids for dangerous game, Kelye Schlepp of Belt Mountain is currently building lead-core brass solids in .50 caliber (.510").  These look like LBT bullets as far as the shape but have knurling at the bottom half and good deep crimp groove.  In one of my 500 Linebaugh revolvers they do extremely well.  Kelye can be reached at 406.388.1396.

John Linebaugh's Sixgun Clinic is coming up in Cody, WY during the next couple of weeks.  If you are interested in going to it you might call John at 307.645.3332.  He is very limited to the amount of people that can attend the seminar so if you want to go call him today.  You can spend several days with the top handgunners in the world.  Also, John Taffin's Shootists Holiday is just around the corner.  This one is invitation only and is always attended by the very best.  Unfortunately, due to our work load I won't be able to attend either one this year, and I sure regret that.

Reaction to our new Border Classic has been very good.   This one is our cut down S&W Schofield.  This beauty is done the customer's Schofield, either S&W or Navy Arms model.  It is cut down to 3 1/2 inches, round butted in our Gunfighter Grip sty.  I obtained a copy of the templates that were originally used a hundred years ago on the presentation Schofields and the guns is done exactly to those templates.  We have a solid silver 20 Centavos coin as the front sight.  Our Black Chromex finish with fire blue parts round out this cute little Schofield.

Also our new Ultimate Long Colt is getting a lot of good comments.  It is basically a beefy medium range hunting revolver.  It is built on the customer Vaquero and has a fairly short heavy barrel and beefy 5 shot cylinder for those hot 45 long colt loads.  In a full satin black finish with no frills this one is for the serious hunter.

We are still holding 2 spots on our African hunt for this August.   Good friend Rick Sim joined the line up this past week.  If you are interested in an excellent African hunt at a very reasonable price, let me know.


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