Gary's Gun Notes #11

Still a lot of questions and comments coming in about the new S&W 500.  A couple of states are trying to ban it as a "cop killer".  Typical.  A friend at S&W says they have 8000 orders for it so far.  That's a helluva lot of guns.  Probably a 2 year backlog.

As as the the extremely high cost of the ammo, the people that are making the brass are now selling it to the public, so if you reload this should help a lot.  Also a couple other companies plan to make the ammo.  For the bullets, check with Kelly Brost at 307.857.2940.


I am getting a lot of inquiries about our Africa hunt coming up this August. I haven't passed along a lot of info yet as I didn't want to clog up this page with hunt talk.  The hunt is from Aug. 15th through the 24th.  We leave from Atlanta on the 15th, start the hunt on the 17th.  Hunt through the 23rd, leave to come back on the 24th.  We would be hunting 7 days.  The company we would be hunting with is Madubula Safaris.  This is one of the most respectable safari outfits in Africa.  Most of the people calling are asking if it is strictly a handgun hunt and how much it is going to cost.  You can use whatever you like, handguns or rifles.  As far as cost, you can have a helluva hunt for around 5 grand.  This is counting your daily rates plus taking 6 or 7 animals.  The average price for plains game is about $500.  Some are cheaper, some more.  Last time I was there I took 11 animals and I spent $6500 plus airfare.  With less people flying these days due to the terrorist scare, I imagine we will get some good airfare prices.   We fly Delta to Atlanta, then South African Airlines to Africa. Our guns are checked in to Atlanta, then on through Africa.  We don't have to mess with them after checking them in at your local airport.  No visas required for Africa, only a passport.  No shots or any of that stuff.  It's probably the easiest of the overseas travels there is.

There are lots of other things that I can fill you in on, but lets do that on the phone.  As I said, it's the easiest of them all.  No hassles.  I've been all over on my hunts and Africa is the best and least amount of trouble there is.  If you think you might be interested, give me a call at 928.526.3313 and I can give you the rest of the details.

One of the hunters that has gone with me on several African safaris, Larry Kovach, will be going on this one also.   He normally takes 5 or 6 animals and rarely goes over $5000 plus airfare.  Kelly Brost of Cast Performance Bullet Co. is tentatively slated to go with us also, along with Brian Doher of Phoenix.


For those of you that have Bandits ordered, my apologies go out to you.  One of the premier casters in the country is cast our gripframe for us and is running quite a bit behind.  The Bandit gripframes were slated to be here Feb. 1st but still are not ready yet.  As soon as they get here your Bandits will go out within a few days.


As many of you know, Bob Baker of Freedom Arms recently lost his granddaughter in a car accident.  There is an effort ongoing to raise money for Bob's daughter and her family, several of which were seriously injured in the accident.  Bob is going to raffle off a Premier Grade 454 Casull with all the bells and whistles, worth $2100. The tickets are $10 each.  Just send your check payable to STAR VALLEY JAYCEES, to

Freedom Arms
PO Box 150
Freedom, WY  83120

Include your name, phone number, etc. and your half of the raffle ticket(s) will be sent to you in the mail.  The drawing will be held April 26th.  I can't think of any better way to spend a few bucks.


Every year John Linebaugh has at least one Sixgun Seminar and the next one is slated for June 18, 19, 20, and 21st in Cody, WY.  If you are a hard-core sixgunner you want to check this out.

You will get to meet and mingle with, and shoot with some of the best handgunners around, such as John Linebaugh, Lee Jurras, John Taffin, Bob Baker, Kelly Brost and over a hundred more.  There will be at least one day of shooting and several question and answer sessions during the seminar, plus a banquet Friday night.  You can bring your own handguns, rifles and ammo and also get a chance to shoot some new products that have just been released on the market.

All in all it's one that you shouldn't miss.  If you want to be there, call John at 307.645.3332 for a registration sheet.

John will have the seminar at the VFW Hall there in Cody and the space is limited.  I think 200 is maximum that can attend the seminar.  The cost is $175 per person so don't delay.  Call John as soon as you can so you don't get left out.


For those of you that have inquired about our new 410 GNR and we were our of dies, they are back in stock.  We order them by the dozen but had so many conversions to the 410 GNR that we ran out of dies.   This is the new cartridge of ours that has taken 3 African buffalo in the last year, 2 of them with one shot. 

It is based on the 454 Casull case necked down to 41.  We use one of Kelly Brost's 255 gr. LBT bullets and the results are amazing.  Besides the 3 buffalo we have had several large elk-sized critters go down with it and most with one shot.  One 200 pound Eland, the size of a large Brahma bull, went down with one shot recently.  It kills way beyond what it should. It just plain works.  Any good 41 Mag revolver can be converted to it.  We put a new 5-shot cylinder in rather than just rechambering the old one.  The pressures are about the same as the 454 so I would rather not rechamber a 6-shot cylinder. 

For those of you that have been waiting for dies, they will be shipped out this coming week.


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