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We have finally come to a point that I had dreaded and hoped not to. As of today we are not accepting any new orders until July 1st. 
We have almost 250 guns in our order books, many of them are over 2 years old and quite a few are right at 3 years old.
We need to get them finished as soon as possible. To do so we are having to put in extra hours plus we are 2 men down
from our normal 6 workers and haven't been able to find anyone that wants to work. We have a couple of guns almost
finished that will go on the in stock list and then that will have to be it for a while. If you have a special custom gun you need
built, I ask you to hold off for a while to even talk to me about it. We are extremely back logged and parts are getting harder
and harder to find. Just like every industry in the country we are backlogged and we are to the point of not taking any new orders.
 If you have a gun in here for work, please be patient. We are getting to you as quick as we can.


Custom Dan wesson

1911 Magnum Pack

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Custom Howdah Revolver

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When Shipping Your Gun

An important note on sending your base gun in. Please do not strip it of the parts and just send the frame in. That just puts us having to call around all over trying to find the inner parts. That also puts you way behind those that sent the entire gun in. I got a gun in yesterday with a bare frame and barrel and another one today. These two fellows are probably going to have to wait twice as long as someone else that sent in the full base gun.

As of now I will no longer accept partial guns in as a base gun unless you clear it with me beforehand. We are all working 12 hour days trying to get your guns done in a reasonable time and I simply don't have the extra time to sit and make calls all over trying to find the parts that you left out. When you send in your gun, you can take it apart if you feel better doing so or if it makes sending it easier with UPS or Fed Ex, but make sure and put all the internal parts in baggies and send them with the gun. http://reedercustomguns.com/information/shipping_info.htm




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