Kentucky Bowie


This one is our Kentucky Bowie. I designed it with a bit different blade style than our other 2 Bowies. This one has an 8" semi drop point blade. It is made of L-6 tool steel and has a brass hilt with deluxe walnut handles.  The Bowie is extremely sharp and if it gets dull from use, sharpens easily. You can have your name or initials put on the knife also at no extra charge.



The Kentucky Bowie
6 week delivery time


 The Equalizer

REEDER CUSTOM GUNS is happy to add yet another fine custom knife to our list of custom knives. This one was designed and developed by Kase Reeder and is his new EQUALIZER and is the perfect combat knife. The knife is made from L-6 tool steel and features a 7" blade and is 11" overall. The hilt is brass and the handle is black micarta. The  EQUALIZER comes in a top quality black all leather sheath. Each knife is made to order for the customer and each knife is numbered. The customer can have his initials or name engraved on it if he likes. One third down and we get to work on your new EQUALIZER.


6 week delivery time

The Predator

This is the new Predator, an unusual design. When I designed it my knife maker didn't like it at all, called it freaky. But I like it and it should make a great all around knife. 5 or 6" blade. The 6" blade is shown.  Mongolian stag handles. Each knife is serial numbered on the hilt and you can have your name on it at no extra charge. Special engraving, logos etc will be a slight upcharge. .

predator-1.jpg (30601 bytes)

To give you some reference to it's size, here it is in Colleen's hand aimed at my throat...

predator-2.jpg (36469 bytes)

4 week delivery time

Tennessee Bowie

This is the second custom knife we have just released. This is our Tennessee Bowie. I designed it to be as close to the original as I can make it and still stay functional. 10" blade. The handle can be exotic wood or stag. These knives are serial numbered and you can have your name on it at no extra charge. These knives are extremely high quality. Our master knife maker John Morgan is one of the best in the business.

bowie-1.jpg (29739 bytes)

For reference, here it is in Colleen's hand.

bowie-2.jpg (40263 bytes)

6 week delivery time


Classic Skinner

This is the Classic Skinner knife shown below with our Predator.  The classic skinner has a 3" blade .

4 week delivery time


Mini Skinner

This is the Mini Skinner knife which has a 2.5" blade.

Here it is with the Predator at the top, Classic Skinner in the middle and Mini Skinner at the bottom.


4 week delivery time