New Trail Hawk just finished. This 2" beauty is chambered in 44 Magnum. It is full custom top to bottom. Smooth and slick and accurate too. Satin Vapor Honed finish with a full Gunfighter Grip, with all edges rounded to fit your hand better and fit your pocket better too. It has had the Positive Performance Package. It has a 2" barrel with the interchangeable blade front sight and gold bead blade. The grips are satin finished black Corian. Super slick and ready for any trail you happen to take and take care of any bear or gay chipmunk you tick off. The Trail Hawk is normally $1795 on the customer's base Redhawk. With us furnishing the base gun the price should run around $3000. I have it priced at $2295.                             MORE PICTURES 

2. A new toy just finished. This one took a while to finish but it is finally ready. With the full custom snubbie revolvers we have built lately I had been thinking of a new somewhat fancy #5. That turned out to be this 45 Long Colt Classic #5. I guess you could say this is the ultimate Bar-B-Q gun, or at least the nicest we have built in a long while. It has a 3¾" barrel, high polished stainless steel. It has the Positive Performance Package and has a jeweled hammer and trigger. It has the interchangeable blade front sight with the gold bead blade. It is our Classic #5 so obviously it has the #5 gripframe with a set of high polished black Corian #5 grips made and fit to it. It also is full engraved. With all the features it has on it including about $1800 in engraving alone, plus being a one of a kind, the gun should run right at $3295. I have it priced at $2795.                      MORE PICTURES       

If you are looking for a very special hunting handgun for just about anything in the lower 48, the 41 GNR is for you. This beauty is a no frills, no fancy stuff, just a super strong revolver chambered in 41 GNR. This is our Ultimate 41 and it is just that. Super strong cylinder, beefy barrel, free wheeling, soft satin Vapor Honed finish. It has our Magnum Gunfighter Grip that places your middle knuckle away from the back of the trigger guard so no bashed knuckle. The Magnum Gripframe comes with a set of really nice European walnut grips. It has the interchangeable blade front sight with the gold bead blade. It has the Belt Mountain base pin for the utmost in accuracy and a tighter lock up. It has had the Positive Performance Package and is very smooth and accurate too. It is a 2 toned gun with soft satin stainless along with our satin Vapor Honed Black Chromex. The Ultimate 41 is normally $1795 on the customer's base gun. With us furnishing the base gun it would normally run around $2700. I have it specially priced at $1995.


If you ever saw John Wayne's 45 and liked it, here is it's brother.
This 45 Long Colt sure looks like John Wayne's Colt. A bit fancier maybe but still a lookalike. The custom 45 with gold bands, color cased receiver, deluxe Black Chromex finish and the aged ivory looking grips (actually aged Mongolian stag) sure would make old John happy. The action is super smooth and just the way a trigger should be. This custom beauty is a really nice single action for those that are cowboy gun lovers. The gun would normally run around $2400 but I have it specially priced at $1895.






This is a true Bar-B-Q gun that just about anyone would be proud to bring out at a Bar-B-Q to show off. It is one of our El Diablos. It is chambered in 45 Long Colt. It is all stainless steel except for fire blue small parts. It is full engraved and is based on a Bisley Gunfighter Grip with a set of Corian grips made and fit to it. It has had the Positive Performance Package and is super smooth and accurate too. It has gold bands on the barrel and cylinder to accent the high polished stainless steel and full engraving. The gun is based on one of the older model large frame Vaqueros which have become a bit of a collectors item. The El Diablo is normally $1795 on the customer's base gun. With us furnishing the base gun plus the full engraving option the gun would normally run just north of $3200. It is specially priced at $2395.



This is one of our last remaining Western Classics, the custom Colt New Frontier. I think of the 12 I had I have 2 more so if you are a New Frontier fan we are getting near the end. This beauty is chambered in 44-40. It has the normal 7½" barrel. This beauty is a bit different as it is based on a Super Blackhawk gripframe. It has a really nice set of antique walnut grips. It has had a full slicked up action and is smooth and accurate too. The gun is finished in our deluxe Black Chromex finish. The Colt New Frontiers are going high these days and it is not unusual to find a good used one in the $3000 range. This very special revolver is about as close to being a one of a kind as you are going to find. This beauty is priced at $2195.



7.   This next gun is one that those that have been into custom 1911s and remember the Devel guns and the Swenson 1911s will like. Back in the late 70s and early 80s I was really into combat shooting and all the top shooters who were winning the matches were all shooting guns like this one, built in the Devel/Swenson era. Each of those guns were built to the winning shooter's specs. This beauty started out as a Combat Commander. The front sight was removed and the slot filled in. The original Colt barrel was comped and re-fit. It has a custom hammer, guide rod set up, and national match trigger. The back of the slide has been serrated. A new beavertail, extended safety, and Bomar sights have been added and fit. Some parts have been changed and the slide has been refinished to get the gun back to original. This beauty is a classic and one you just don't see anymore. This 1911 is like getting an original Ford Thunderbird. With it's history and the work that has been done the gun should run around $3500. It is priced at $1995. MORE PICTURES

With the bad news of TC's demise, the frames and barrels are hitting the ceiling, especially the Encores as there were considerably less of them made than the Contenders. I checked over the weekend to see what the Encore frames were selling for on the internet and they are high but not as high as they will be in 6 months as a lot of people don't know that TC is gone and the Encores and Contenders are no more. I mentioned this to a friend a few days ago and he brought his custom Encore frame in on consignment this morning. Anyway the old gentleman said he hasn't shot it much and never hunted with it. The frame is as new custom with a full action job and along with the soft rubber grip and forend. We have it priced at $1395 and the gun is mint, 99% as new. I know that sounds high but I saw several over the weekend on the internet well over $1700 and they were all well used. So if you want an encore or Contender, whether you get it from me or not, get it soon as the prices are just going to get higher. Price $1395.


 Kase finished one of his Karnivore today. It's a long slide 45 ACP and has all the goodies on it. Finished in our Black Chromex finish with a special set of custom grips. The gun is very accurate and smooth. With all the special features like high ride beavertail, extended thumb safety, Nowlin Speed Demon hammer, all tuned internals, with custom G10 grips, Bo Mar adjustable 3 dot sights, Karnivore engraving and deluxe finish it should be priced right at $3000, it's priced at the normal Karnivore price of $2495.  SALE $1795.00


 This is a very special long slide 1911, one of our ULTIMATE 10s. This beauty is full custom from the ground up, built on our own frame and slide and every part is custom. It has fully adjustable sights, custom extended slide release and safety, custom beavertail, custom trigger, custom European walnut grips, custom Commander hammer and a full action job. The gun is very accurate and is a very special serial number 19. It has our satin Vapor Honed finish on it for no glare or shine. Perfect for hunting. With all these features the gun should run around $3200. It is specially priced at $2895

12.  This little beauty is a 1908 Colt in 380 Auto. Completely refurbished and re-stamped and then polished with our deluxe Black Chromex. It is so shiny that it was hard to keep me out of the reflection in the picture. It has a set of aged ivory Corian grips made and fit to the gun. The gun functions perfectly. It was well worn on the outside but like a lot of other self protection handguns it was carried a lot but shot a little. The 1908 is not seen as much as the 1902 or 1903 so their value is a bit more than the other two series. The perfect little pistol for your wife or yourself if you want a small slim handgun to tuck in a pocket. The book value on a gun like this is $1750. I have it priced at $1395.MORE PICTURES