Necked Down Revolver Cartridge Tip


For those loading the necked down revolver cartridges with
short necks. I have mentioned this several times before as have some of you, but I figured I would throw in some pics to show it better. A short necked cartridge for a revolver is hard to crimp, so instead of using the normal neck belling feature I size it fully, then I use a cone shaped chamfering tool in a Makita type drill gun.

the chamfering tool can be picked up in any hardware store..

I put the chamfering tool in the case mouth and run it for maybe half a second, just enough to chamfer the neck slightly so that the bullet will barely start and not crumple the case..

If you don't do a lot of rounds at a time, one of the RCBS bomb shaped chamfering tools will do just as well..

Just delete the belling of the neck feature totally. The tight neck will hold the bullet very well and if you can get a slight crimp in the case mouth that will suffice.