All versions of our Custom Contender handgun barrels are available from 7" to 15".
For those that shoot the smaller calibers or those that pack into the woods and would rather not carry the full Encore's weight we build our Pirate barrels which are 8" to 9" along with the Mini Beast barrels which are 10", for the Contender or G-2. One of our most popular barrels is our Pirate Gun, a G-2 or Contender with an 8 or 9" barrel. Shown is the 9" version. These Pirate guns come in a variety of calibers, including 356 GNR, 41 GNR and many more. Plenty of power for any game in the lower 48 states but packable too.

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Pirate Barrel



Reeder's Nilgai taken with the 356 GNR Pirate Gun


Reeder's buffalo taken with the G-2 Pirate Gun in 41 GNR, one shot






All pistol length including the Pirate (up to 14") barrels are $400 for the Contender or G-2 Contender. 
Rifle length barrels (16" and above) are  starting $500. 

Please remember barrels may need fitting to your frame.


All original Contender frames can be slab sided and fully engraved as shown at a slight premium.

Some calibers available for the original contender as well depending on pressure.

*scope not included in price