The Packer

For those that hike in areas inhabited by large critters that will have you for lunch, we now have a solution to that problem.  Our new Packer.

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The PACKER is made on the Thompson Center Encore, Contender or G-2 frame. We furnish the frame in blue or stainless, do a full action job on it, personalize it to your specs, engrave whatever critters you like on it, fully refinish it in a soft satin finish as shown or in our deluxe high polish finish. We then fit a 16" barrel on it and fit a folding stock to it. This makes a fully legal folded up self defense firearm that packs easily in your backpack. The new PACKER is chambered in the caliber of your choice.
As always, one third down and we get started on your new Packer.

The Packer


All pistol lengths including Pirate and Mini-Beast (up to 14") barrels are $400 for the Encore.
Rifle length barrels (16" and above) are $500. 

*add $200. for muzzle brake