How We make Our Custom Barrels

We do build all our own barrels, TC barrels, rifle barrels, and revolver barrels. We keep somewhere near 700 barrels in stock at all times. Somewhere around $65,000 tied up in barrel stock at all times.

Some of the more unusual calibers we don't keep a lot in stock as we don't get a lot of call for them. We buy 26 or 28" barrel blanks, and cut them in half for handgun length barrels.

These have been cut to 13" blank tubes except for a few full length barrels on the top shelf waiting to be cut in half.


These are still in full length tubes, for rifle use.
We start with a blank tube 1 1/4" diameter in the caliber the customer desires  
We start turning the barrel down to the size needed for the barrel, around.800 for Contender/G-2, and 1" for encore. The larger section has not been turned down all the way yet. Once we get the barrel fully turned down we gather up the internal parts and our own lugs..
They are then TIG welded onto the barrel and installed If a brake is needed, we then fit the muzzle brake which we build for that particular barrel. If you look real close you might be able to see the seam where the brake is screwed on.
Then the barrel is test fired several times and the final finish done to it. In this case a new 366 GNR barrel.

Let us make one for you


*Please remember barrels may need fitting to your frame.