Some of the special weapons we have built recently.
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Tombstone Classic










Paco Kelly's Custom Vaquero



3 Border Classics


Wichita Classic

Ultimate Vaquero 2


Special Custom Grover # 5

for Donnie Minor

African Hunter in 510



30th Anniversary



#5 with Trail Rider Grip Frame


Blue Steath Hawk


presidential.jpg (68603 bytes)

Special Presidential 
Presentation gun designed by Dr. Charles Luxenberg.


An original Mauser Broom handle 

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after.jpg (188510 bytes)



Dual Cylinder #5


  Special guns being built for Frank Beard of Z.Z. Top

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ZZtop_1.jpg (61226 bytes)  ZZtop_2.jpg (64208 bytes)



An original 1950's Ruger 44 flattop in bad, extremely worn condition.     

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Below . the fully restored 44 flattop. 

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Water Boy's #5