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This beauty is one that is dear to the hearts of many gun lovers. The Wichita Classic is built on the old model Ruger that you furnish and can be built in either 44 Special or 41 Special. It starts out as your old model 3 screw Ruger in any caliber. We then install a brand new barrel and cylinder in either of the 2 calibers, 41 or 44. We fit a barrel in the length of your choice. This includes our interchangeable front sight system that lets you change front sights with the turn of a screw. You also get the rear sight blade of your choice. 

We then fit a 6 shot cylinder with the perfect barrel/cylinder gap and fully set the barrel up with the Maxi Throat and the Deep Dish crown. We fit an all steel gripframe with our very popular Gunfighter Grip and fitwichitaclassic2.jpg (47680 bytes) a beautiful pair of ivory Micarta grips to it. Then we do a full action job on it to get it to where the hammer and trigger pull is smooth as silk. We fully engrave the Wichita Classic and then finish it with our Black Chromex finish along with contrasting high polish stainless steel pins and screws.

Now you can put that old model Ruger to some good use as our Wichita Classic. 

on your old model or new model Blackhawk.

* There will be an additional $200. for Bisley style conversion