Ultimate Vaquero

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In 1995 GUNS magazine chose our Ultimate Vaquero as one of their centerfold custom guns. Since that day it has been one of our best selling full custom guns. And this one is truly full custom as you pretty well choose everything. You furnish the old model Ruger Vaquero or New Model Vaquero and you design it from end to end. 

The Ultimate Vaquero is built in the caliber of your choice, from 32-20 up to 45 long colt. You choose the barrel length, you can have as much or as little engraving as you like, with any personalization at no extra charge. The gun comes with our very popular Gunfighter Grip, or the standard factory grip and the grips of your choice. You can choose from any of the polymers, white or black pearl or simulated ivory, nice walnut or rosewood. 

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The gun can be in high polished stainless or high polished Black Chromex, according to which your base gun is. Or it can be in our popular two toned finish. The hammer and trigger are jeweled and a super slick action job is done to the gun. The cylinder is Colt style, and the barrel is Maxi Throated and features our Deep Dish Crown.

Remember the gun can be built however you like and with any of our features normally seen on our custom cowboy guns. And it is always the same price. As always one third down and we get started on your Ultimate Vaquero

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Ultimate Vaquero

on your Ruger Vaquero


*Please add $200 for Bisley Style Grip Frame.