The Ultimate Bisley®

Since 1995 our Ultimate Bisley®. has been one of the most popular custom revolvers on the market. This black beauty comes in 2 versions, the 6 shot model or the beefier 5 shot model. Both guns are built on the Ruger Blackhawk®. or Super Blackhawk®. that is furnished by you.
Your base gun can be in any of the standard Ruger®.calibers as we are going to change all that.

In the 6 shot version we install a tight fitting 356 GNR, 41 GNR, 44 magnum or 45 long colt cylinder, a heavy barrel in the length of your choice, all new inner parts, new interchangeable blade system front sight with the blade of your choice, Deep Dish crown and Maxi Throat on the barrel, our bisley style Gunfighter Grip with ivory Micarta grips and add our distinctive gold bands before finishing the gun in our lustrous Black Chromex finish 13.jpg (31424 bytes)

In the 5 shot version you get all the above features plus the heavy 5 shot cylinder and can choose from 410 GNR, 44 magnum, 429 GNR, 45 long colt, 454 casull, 455 GNR, 475 Linebaugh, 510 GNR, 500 GNR or 500 Linebaugh. In the 475 Linebaugh, 510 GNR, 500 GNR and 500 Linebaugh the gold bands are left off for a stronger cylinder.

Whether you choose the 6 shot or the 5 shot version, you get one of the finest custom handguns on the market and one of the finest shooting revolvers around.



  on your Ruger®.