The Ultimate Back Up

Gary Reeder Custom Guns is proud to announce the revision of one of our most popular guns ever, our Ultimate Back Up. It is chambered in 44 Magnum, with a 3¾" barrel or the caliber of your choice. It is finished in a soft satin Vapor Honed stainless with contrasting fire blue small parts or in our Black Chromex finish. The gun has our Magnum gripframe with blue laminated grips. Some folks like a plain jane gun and that is available if you like but this one has considerable engraving and special things done to it, so there is no question that the owner has a full custom gun.

It has a beefy 6 shot cylinder in 401 GNR, 41 GNR, 41 Magnum and 44 Magnum and an oversize 5 shot cylinder in the other calibers. It has a full action job, Maxi Throat, Deep Dish Crown and the interchangeable blade front sight system with the red fiber optic blade. A truly special revolver for the person that wants something out of the ordinary. The newly revised Ultimate Back Up is chambered in your choice of 401 GNR, 41 GNR, 41 Magnum, 410 GNR, 44 magnum, 429 GNR, 454 Casull, 455 GNR, 475 Linebaugh®, 510 GNR, 500 GNR or 500 Linebaugh. The new revised Ultimate Back Up comes in the barrel length of your choice, all satin stainless or our Black Chromex finish, with our extremely comfortable Magnum gripframe and laminated wood or Micarta grips. Stag grips available at a slight premium.

This beauty is not for the limp wristed. The Ultimate Back Up is strictly for the man that needs absolute maximum back up power. If you're looking for the ultimate in power, our Ultimate Back Up is the gun.The Ultimate Back Up is also available in our Satin Black Chromex finish and is available with no engraving if you wish.


Ultimate Back Up

$1795* on your Ruger base gun

*Porting extra