ul45-1.jpg (53261 bytes) This is our new ULTIMATE 45. The new ULTIMATE 45 is pretty much built however the customer wants. These 2 are just examples. One in deluxe Black Chromex and the other in a satin 2 tone. One with a standard Blackhawk® hammer and the other with a Super Blackhawk® hammer.
Each has a Gunfighter Grip with laminated cherry and black Micarta grips but no full round butt, just a modified Gunfighter Grip to better fit your hand. They both have 5 shot cylinders, heavy duty barrel, our front sight, some bit of embellishment, action jobs, Maxi Throat, Deep Dish Crown, Belt Mountain Base pin, and all the other normal features. Your name engraved on the gun at no extra charge. Set up the way they are they will be $1795 on your base gun. As always one third down and we begin work on your new ULTIMATE 45.
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as shown on your Ruger