When Ruger® decided to bring the Hunter back out in several calibers, this just gave us an excuse to use the Hunter as a platform for more than just our Ultimate 44. Now there are more, including our Ultimate 410 GNR. 

A couple of years back when we introduced the 410 GNR, it was instantly popular. One reason was that it was able to take the largest game (Cape Buffalo and American Bison for example) with ease but it also didn't beat hell out of you while it did it. The 410 GNR is a very unusual cartridge, with a very unbalanced give and take. Most large calibers kill big game well but at the same time they wallop you a good one too. Not so with the 410 GNR. With less recoil that a 44 magnum, the 410 GNR will easily beat a 454 out past 60 yards while equaling it up to that range. So if you want to hunt big game, but don't like recoil, I have a cartridge for you.

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The Ultimate 410 is built on your 41 magnum Hunter and the gun does not have to be new. To make a good gun even better we add our beefy 5 shot cylinder chambered in 410 GNR to this great platform, do our Maxi Throat and Deep Dish crown to the 7 1/2 inch barrel, add our own set back trigger for more accuracy potential, add our very popular bisley Gunfighter Grip with the grips of your choice, do a super slick action job on it, and install Ruger's fine gold bead front sight and V rear. We add the engraving of your choice to the cylinder and give the entire gun our Vapor Honed finish with high polished small parts. 
From a good gun we now have a top notch hunting revolver capable of taking just about any game on the North American continent. Plus you can buy the loaded ammo from www.cartridgeperformance.com or we have the Hornady Custom dies and loading data available if you like to roll your own. 

Whichever way you go you can be all set up and ready to go for the next hunting season. A cartridge hard to beat and now a revolver worth of it, our Ultimate 410 GNR. As always one third down and we get started on your new Ultimate 410 GNR.

built on your 41 magnum Ruger Hunter®
4 to 6 month delivery in most cases