Trail Rider Classic

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In 1992 when we first introduced our Tombstone Classic with it's birdshead grip I wanted at that time to build a custom gun that looked and felt like the old original Colt 1878 double action. After several years of trying this and that, we finally did build it and introduced it in 1996, our Trail Rider Classic. 

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This full custom revolver starts life as a Ruger old model Bisley Vaquero that is furnished by you. We take this gun and add our own custom long birdshead grip, slick up the action completely and we have one of the best balanced revolvers made. This revolver is the finest pointing revolver I have ever shot. 

We add a new barrel in the length of your choosing, a new Colt style cylinder, a full action job for a super smooth hammer and trigger pull. We fit a set of pearl grips, or the grips of your choice, to the Trail Rider gripframe and sight the gun in dead on at 20 yards. 

For a man with a wide hand the birdshead grip on the Tombstone Classic is a bit small. This problem is solved with our Trail Rider gripframe which is a bit longer and a bit wider. The gun is engraved with the trappings of the old west like horses, guns, spurs, a noose and much more. The gun can be built in high polished stainless or our own Black Chromex finish but whichever finish you end up with you will have one of the classiest revolvers we have ever built.

The Trail Rider Classic
$1795  on your Ruger
Bisley Vaquero