GARY REEDER CUSTOM GUNS is proud to announce the continuation of our popular STEALTH HAWK. TheSTEALTH HAWK has been around for several years now and comes chambered in several calibers. The STEALTH HAWK comes in the caliber of your choice, from 41 GNR and 410 GNR, available on your 41 magnum Redhawk, or 44 magnum or 429 GNR in your 44 magnum Redhawk with all the features shown in the pictures



The STEALTH HAWK comes with our interchangeable blade front sight system, our Gunfighter Grip which is full reconfiguring of the frame and gripframe for more comfortable shooting, the grips of your choice, from laminated wood, black or ivory Corian, or Mongolian stag at a slight premium. The STEALTH HAWK comes with the normal engraving and if you like you can have your name or initials engraved on it at no extra charge.

For those that hunt dangerous game and prefer to do it with a double action revolver, you won't find a better revolver than our new STEALTH HAWK. The STEALTH HAWK is built on your furnished Ruger Redhawk® and it doesn't matter what caliber your Redhawk® is as all that changes in the conversion. You can have a standard caliber, like 41 GNR, 410 GNR, 44 magnum, 429 GNR, or 45 long colt using the factory barrel as is or cut to the length you desire, with 6 shot cylinder as shown.

The Stealth Hawk

$1695 on your Redhawk base gun.

The Stealth Hawk in the field:

henehan2.jpg (32633 bytes)
Jeff Henehan and 10 Point Buck
taken with the Stealhawk in 410 GNR

henehan.jpg (24715 bytes)
Jeff Henehan's 410 GNR Stealth Hawk 
with bullet taken from large whitetail buck, 
showing perfect expansion of the 210 XTP bullet

410 GNR strikes again...
Today I had a really nice, large bodied 10 point show up about 90 yards out and the 410 GNR spoke again. Another DRT with the bullet entering just behind the shoulder and coming to rest under the skin on the opposite side down past the last ribs. The deer was slightly quartering to me. The picture shows the Hornady 210 grain bullet at roughly 1800 fps from a 7.5" Redhawk after traversing around three foot of buck and breaking a cou
ple ribs: