This beauty is another in our series of back up revolvers. Years ago we had our Ultimate Back Up out in 454 Casull. Due to a call for larger calibers we dropped this model and came out with another in larger calibers. Eventually we began to get calls from hunters, mostly in the southern states asking for a back up gun in 454 again or other calibers like our 429 GNR or 455 GNR, saying that they only had wild boar and black bears to contend with and did not need a 475,  500 Linebaugh or our 510 GNR. This prompted us to bring back a back up revolver in the smaller calibers, although you can have the gun built in the caliber of your choice. This became our Southern Comfort. 

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The Southern Comfort is built on your Blackhawk or Super Blackhawk and is completely reworked with our heavy duty barrel that has our Deep Dish crown and Maxi Throat, new 5 shot cylinder, our interchangeable blade sight system, and our own gripframe with our popular Gunfighter Grip. It comes with your choice of laminated cherry grips, exotic wood, ivory Corian or black micarta grips. The Southern Comfort can be had in either satin Black Chromex or satin stainless according to what finish your base gun is. 

We round all the edges of the frame and give it our soft satin Vapor Honed finish with high polish small parts. A full action job is done to it and it is sighted in when you get it. A small amount of engraving is done to the gun including the southern battle flag. The barrel length shown is 3 1/2" but the length is up to you. 

All in all for a back up revolver for use in the southern states it would be hard to beat our Southern Comfort. As usual one third down and we begin work on your Southern Comfort.

Southern Comfort
$1695. on your Ruger

$1895. with Porting