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GARY REEDER CUSTOM GUNS is proud to announce another in our long line up of custom carry guns. Our newest has dual purposes. This beauty can be used as a concealed carry gun (if you have a really big pocket) or as a hunting revolver. This new custom revolver is our NIGHT HAWK. The new NIGHT HAWK is built on the super strong Ruger Redhawk. The new NIGHT HAWK is built on the customer furnished base gun and is built to the customers specs and can be in any of the calibers that the Redhawk. was chambered in. The new NIGHT HAWK can be built on either a stainless or a blue Redhawk*, whichever you happen to have. Our new NIGHT HAWK boasts a shortened barrel of 4 inches, although the barrel length is up to you. When we install the barrel back into the frame we make sure the barrel/cylinder gap is perfect for the most reliable functioning and to give you the extra power of the smaller gap. We then crown the barrel with our own Deep Dish crown and do our Maxi Throat on the other end, giving you considerably more accuracy potential. We then add our own interchangeable blade sight system with your choice of the gold bead front sight blade or the standard ramp sight. 

Then we dehorn everything. That means we round all the sharp edges for easier holstering and quicker getting it out of the holster. We do our Gunfighter Grip to the beast and perfectly fit a pair of classy rosewood grips. This gives it the perfect fit in the hand that our Gunfighter Grip is known for. 

After the grip work, we do a small amount of engraving on the barrel and frame. We then give the new NIGHT HAWK a soft satin Vapor Honed finish with no shine or glare. The blued NIGHT HAWK gets our satin Black Chromex finish. Also on the blued NIGHT HAWK we add a few stainless small parts for contrast with the deep black finish. 

We then give the new NIGHT HAWK a full action job with a smooth double action roll off. The gun is fully sighted in and ready for the fields when you get it. Plenty of power but in a compact easily carried package. Whether you use the new NIGHT HAWK for concealed carry or for packing in the wilderness, it will always be a revolver that is totally dependable and accurate. A hard gun to beat, is our new NIGHT HAWK. And as always one third down gets us started on your new NIGHT HAWK.

 Charlie Herf's Night Hawk

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built on your Redhawk.