Magnum Carry

Those that hunt sometimes find themselves in a place where they need something a bit more powerful than what they normally carry. In situations like that there is our new MAGNUM CARRY. This beauty is built on your Ruger base gun and is available in any of the Magnum calibers. This beauty is another of our red, white and blue guns and is chambered in 44 Magnum with a 3 ported barrel. It doesn't get much more American than that.




It has the interchangeable blade front sight system with the gold bead blade. The gun is engraved with dangerous game and it has the Bisley style Gunfighter Grip with red laminated grips. The gun also has fire blue small parts. The gun was designed to balance on your hip perfectly without being a heavy burden carrying it all day. With the porting the muzzle comes back down quickly for that second very important shot. This is pretty much the perfect carry gun for any hunting situation. As usual one third down and we begin work on your new MAGNUM CARRY.


$1695 without the porting

on your base Ruger