El Paso Classic


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Looking for something unusual in a cowboy gun? Well, we have it, our EL PASO CLASSIC. This beauty is built on your old model Vaquero®. What is unusual, you say? The caliber. Our EL PASO CLASSIC is chambered in 44 special. Now, this is not just a 44 magnum where you can shoot 44 special in it. This beauty sports a brand new cylinder that is for 44 special only. We also fit the barrel length of your choice and set the barrel/cylinder to where they should be. We do our Gunfighter Grip to the gripframe and fit a set of white pearl grips to it. 

We then high polish the whole gun and full engrave it in the traditional style. If your Vaquero® is blue then we high polish it and do our Black Chromex finish to it. We add our fire blue small parts including pins, screws, base pin, base pin latch and ejector rod to the high polish stainless and add stainless small parts to the Black Chromex gun for a very pleasing contrast. 

We do a full action job on the gun after replacing any worn parts. We then sight the gun is dead on at 20 yards so it is ready to go when you get it. The 44 special is making a big come back and the new EL PASO CLASSIC will do it's best to help. Remember this beauty is built on your old Vaquero® and it doesn't matter what caliber you have as we change all that. One of the slickest and classiest cowboy guns we have ever built is our EL PASO CLASSIC. And as always, one third down and we begin work on your new EL PASO CLASSIC.


on your old model or new model Vaquero®

* There will be an additional $200. for Bisley style conversion