Classic Magnum

This one is our new CLASSIC MAGNUM. Most shooters have a Smith & Wesson magnum of some sort at home that they would like to fancy or or just make more of a classic revolver. All of the older Smith & Wessons (pre '95 or so) are true classics and deserve their own series. Well now they have it, our new CLASSIC MAGNUM. We take your S&W of any caliber and make a classic out of it. The work includes a full high polish, engraving, our deluxe Black Chromex finish and the grips of your choice, plus any personalization you might want like your name or initials.




The S&W M-29 shown has aged ivory Corian grips but the grips are up to you. Real elephant ivory is available at a slight premium. If the logo and caliber stampings are about gone we re-stamp them to make it better than new. The gun also gets a super slick action job. The prototype is one of my older S&W M-29s in 44 Magnum. It was beginning to get a bit ratty and I wanted to do something special to it. That idea became the new CLASSIC MAGNUM. With all the work being done to the gun, the normal price would be almost $1700, but the price on your S&W is $1495.


The Classic Magnum