Classic 475

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When I designed this special hunting revolver, I was perhaps suffering from a mild case of sanity, in that I made it plainer and less flashy than any of my other custom series. This special hunting revolver has a completely new look, at least for this web site, in that it has no engraving, no high polished parts, no scantily clad virgins draped all over it and no gold or sliver inlaid animals scampering across the barrel. Instead you just get one of the highest quality hunting handguns available today, our CLASSIC 475.

The CLASSIC 475 is obviously chambered in 475 Linebaugh and comes with either an octagonal barrel or a standard round barrel,according to what you like. It comes with the barrel length of your choice, satin finish in either Black Chromex or satin stainless, satin rosewood grips or the grips of your choice, either laminated wood or Micarta, and of course our extremely popular Gunfighter Grip. Mongolian stag is also available at a slight premium. The grip shown is the Bisley Gunfighter Grip. With Bisley gripframes being extremely hard to get the new CLASSIC 475 will come with our Magnum gripframe standard and at no additional price.

The CLASSIC 475 has our extra heavy duty 5 shot cylinder, freewheeling, the barrel is heavier than normal with it's Maxi Throat and Deep Dish crown. The action is super smooth and the gun comes fully sighted in for you with it's gold bead front sight and V rear or the standard ramp front and white outline rear. You can also opt for the red or green fiber optic front blade rather than the gold bead.

The CLASSIC 475 is built on your Ruger Blackhawk®,, Super Blackhawk® or Bisley® and your base gun can be in any of the Ruger® calibers as all that changes. Your base gun also does not have to be new. Even though our CLASSIC 475 has no engraving you can have your name engraved on it at no extra charge.
One of the classiest and strongest hunting revolvers being made today is our CLASSIC 475. And as always, one third down and we get started on your CLASSIC.

$2295 octagonal barrel
$1795 round barrel


both built on your Ruger® base gun