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When the replica of the S&W Schofield first came out I wanted to do something special to the gun, to make it unusual and even more different than it already was. So I sat down and started drawing sketches of the gun in various configurations. The one we chose to do is our Border Classic. 


The Border Classic starts out as a standard Schofield that is furnished by you. It can be any of the current Schofields on the market and in any of the calibers. First we cut the barrel to 3 1/2 inches, do our Deep Dish crown on it, our Maxi Throat and lap the inside of the barrel, if needed. We then do our popular Gunfighter Grip to the gripframe and fit a set of stag grips to it. We then put a new front sight on the barrel and this is unusual too. The front sight is half of a solid silver Mexican coin.

We then full engrave the gun in the traditional style and finish it with our high polished Black Chromex finish. Our Border Classic can be personalized with your name or cowboy handle engraved and inlayed in gold at no extra charge. 

Remember the Border Classic is built on your Schofield and can be in whatever caliber your Schofield is chambered in. And as we are going to completely revamp the gun, your Schofield does not have to be new. For one of the most distinctive and classiest cowboy guns we have ever built, check out our Border Classic.

$1995  on your Schofield