GARY REEDER CUSTOM GUNS is very pleased to announce a new series, in fact the first new series in a while. This new beauty is our ARIZONA CLASSIC and a classic it is. It is built on your old or new model Ruger® Blackhawk®, Super Blackhawk® or Bisley®. This new ARIZONA CLASSIC shown is chambered in 44 special but can be chambered in the caliber of your choice.  az_cl-3.jpg (45540 bytes)
The larger calibers require the Ruger New Model frame. 
The new ARIZONA CLASSIC has a true color case hardened frame, hammer and loading gate, and high polished Black Chromex on the rest. The cylinder features gold bands front and rear and the revolver has all our normal custom features, like a Gunfighter Grip with deluxe wood grips or the grips of your choice, Maxi Throat and Deep Dish Crown on the barrel, a full action job and our interchangable blade front sight system with your choice of gold bead, red or green fiber optic or standard blade. The new ARIZONA CLASSIC has a small amount of engraving on the frame and barrel and can have your name engraved on it at no extra charge. 
All in all the new ARIZONA CLASSIC is one of the classiest revolvers we have ever built. And as usual one third down and we begin work on your new ARIZONA CLASSIC.


built on your Ruger® frame