Alaskan Survivalist

This super compact big bore back up handgun is designed expressly for the hunter that is in need of a smaller handgun for back up with plenty of knock down.  In 45 long colt or 44 magnum, this 3 inch beauty is perfect. The Alaskan Survivalist is compact with its round butt and ebony grips, 3 inch barrel,  with standard blade front sight and a white outline rear sight. 

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Satin Finish

Add a smooth double action and a soft satin Vapor Honed finish on the stainless steel, and the result is hard to beat. All small parts of our Alaskan Survivalist are high polished and the hammer and trigger are jeweled. This is one of the finest back up hunting revolvers we've ever built. 

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All our Alaskan Survivalists are built as we get the order for them. As always, no extra charge for any special engraving or personalization.

The Alaskan Survivalist
 $1595 on your Redhawk


Alaskan Survivalist Ruger