Professional Hunter

Our Professional Hunter is built on our own extra beefy, larger stretch frame and you have your choice of calibers like 357 Maximum, 224 GNR,256 GNR, 284 GNR, 307 GNR, 358 GNR, 375 GNR, 41 GNR#2, 416 GNR#2, 414 Super mag, 445 Super Mag, and 457 GNR. Any of these calibers will work for North American game and the 445 Super Mag and the 457 GNR will do nicely for the big bears or any African game you might want to hunt with a revolver.

The Professional Hunter will come as you want it. The caliber and barrel length are up to you, as is the engraving and the grips. The prototype of the Professional Hunter shown has a 7 1/2" barrel, heavy duty 5 shot stretch cylinder, dangerous game engraving and red and grey laminated grips on our popular Gunfighter Grip, full action job, Maxi Throat, Deep Dish Crown, and can be drilled and tapped for a Leupold scope base if you like.        

The new Professional Hunter comes with our own Magnum gripframe that is stretched a bit to get the back of the trigger guard away from your knuckle.

Also you can decide the serial number if you like and that is no extra charge. It can be your last name with a number behind it, like REEDER-1, or it can be a standard number or whatever you like up to 10 letters or numbers. The standard serial numbers start at GR-001 and go up from there. This prototype gun shown is chambered in our 375 GNR, a very popular cartridge and very powerful cartridge.