North American Hunter

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GARY REEDER CUSTOM GUNS is happy to announce the continuation of one of our most popular series of hunting revolvers, our NORTH AMERICAN HUNTER. This beauty is built on your Ruger base gun, which can be anyBlackhawk®, Super Blackhawk® or Bisley.  The caliber of your base gun doesn't matter as all that changes in the conversion


The new NORTH AMERICAN HUNTER shown is chambered in our very popular 510 GNR but can be chambered in the caliber of your choice including the 41 GNR, 410 GNR, 429 GNR, 44 Magnum, 454 Casull, 455 GNR, 475 Linebaugh, 480, 500 Linebaugh, 500 GNR or 510 GNR, and in the barrel length of your choice. The NORTH AMERICAN HUNTER shown has our octagonal barrel but you can have the round barrel if you like. The new NORTH AMERICAN HUNTER has all our special features such as our bigger heavier 5 shot cylinder, an extra beefy barrel in the length of your choice, the full performance package which includes action job, Maxi Throat, and Deep Dish Crown. The gun shown has our extremely popular Gunfighter Grip with ebony grips. The gun comes with North American game scenes on it and you can have your name engraved on it at no extra charge.                                            
The new NORTH AMERICAN HUNTER comes with our gold bead front sight for more accuracy potential in low light situations but you can have it with the red or green fiber optic blades if you choose.  The gun shown is all satin stainless with satin black small parts for contrast. Your NORTH AMERICAN HUNTER can be just like that, or all stainless, all black or two toned, however you like. The Bisley hammers and triggers are often not available and a substitute may have to be made.


Remember too that you can ship your base gun right to us without going thru an FFL. We are a licensed manufacturer and anyone can ship any gun right to us. And as always, one third down and we get to work on your new NORTH AMERICAN HUNTER.




$1695 on your Ruger

with round barrel

$1995 on your Ruger

with octagonal barrel