Javelina Classic

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The JAVELINA CLASSIC  in a fairly new series but already is very popular. It is available in several different calibers. The first 2 calibers are the 240 Banshee and the 255 Banshee. The JAVELINA CLASSIC comes with an 8 shot cylinder. The 255 Banshee is a 22 Hornet case necked up to 25 caliber and puts a 75 grain bullet out at approximately 2100 FPS. The second Banshee caliber is the 240 Banshee which is a 22 Hornet case necked up to .243 and putting a 75 grain bullet out also at about 2100 FPS.                                           

This is not the first time we have built an 8 shot cylinder but it is an 8 shot centerfire cylinder. Our Double Deuce is an 8 shot 22 LR or 22 magnum rimfire revolver, but the new Javelina Classic is centerfire. The new 255 Banshee is extremely accurate as the test target shows. And that group was shot by hand, not in a rest.

The Javelina Classic is, as the name implies, meant for hunting smaller animals and does that job very well. The Javelina Classic is built on your Blackhawk®. Super Blackhawk® or Bisley and the caliber of your base gun does not matter as all that changes in the conversion. We fit a new 8 shot cylinder to the frame, all new internals, fit a heavy barrel in the length of your choice, with our interchangeable blade system front sight, fit a Super Blackhawk gripframe in our very popular Gunfighter Grip style to it along with new custom grips in whatever material you like. We give it a full action job, engrave it and give it our deluxe Black Chromex finish.

The JAVELINA CLASSIC is also available in other calibers, like 22 Hornet, 22 K-Hornet, 218 Bee and 218 Mashburn Bee.

Remember too that you can ship your base gun right to us without going thru an FFL. We are a licensed manufacturer and anyone can ship any gun right to us. And as always, one third down and we get to work on your new Javelina Classic.




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