Grim Reaper 2

Recently we took the last order for one of our Grim Reapers on our stretch frame. Along the way we had several people ask if we were going to do the Grim Reaper in smaller calibers like 45 Long Colt, 44 Mag, 454 etc. The original Grim Reaper was a limited offering of 100 guns so I can't go back and add more, plus the stretch frame wouldn't be the right platform for standard length cartridges. So, I decided to do another run of standard framed guns and call it the GRIM REAPER 2, and have it in the standard calibers. This is the prototype of the series. It is a 4" 44 Magnum and has new Grim Reaper engraving. It is also a bit special in that it has fire blue small parts and the satin Vapor Honed stainless finish. The gun has the Magnum gripframe with your choice of grips, as normal. This one has the two toned blue grips to contrast with the fire blue parts.


The new GRIM REAPER 2 is built on your base gun which can be any Ruger Blackhawk or Super Blackhawk and is available chambered in any standard caliber. It comes with a 6 shot cylinder in the smaller calibers and a 5 shot cylinder in the larger calibers. As normal it has all the regular features. Just like the original GRIM REAPER, the new GRIM REAPER 2 is the perfect gun to carry all day in the fields and woods and with enough power to do the job it is intended for. Whether you need the gun for back up or for all around hunting, the GRIM REAPER 2 is the perfect gun and is built to your specs.




on your base gun.