Doc Holliday Classic 

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In 1992 when we first started building cowboy guns the first two built were the Tombstone Classic and the Doc Holliday Classic, both built on the Ruger Blackhawk®. These were extremely popular and in 1994 when the Vaquero® was released they were even more popular, especially the Doc Holliday Classic.

This little beauty has sparked the imagination of western lovers all over the world. The Doc starts out life as your Ruger old model Vaquero.® We then shorten the barrel to 3 1/2 inches, round the butt to our Gambler Grip, fit a set of traditional grips to it, in white or black pearl or polymer ivory. We full engrave it with items relevant to the life of Doc Holliday, such as whiskey bottles, beer mugs, playing cards, dice, revolvers and much more. 

If you prefer the Doc can be engraved in full scroll engraving rather than the western trappings. The hammer and trigger are fully jeweled for that classy look and a full action job is done for a super slick hammer and trigger pull. We then sight the gun in dead on at 20 yards. 

The Doc Holliday Classic has an ejector rod for easy shell extraction but if you prefer you can have it as the traditional Sheriff's model with a 2 inch barrel and no ejector rod and no hump on the side of the frame. Whichever style you choose, and whether it is in high polish stainless steel or high polished Black Chromex you will be getting a little bit of western history in our Doc Holliday Classic.

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This is the original Doc Holliday Classic from 1994.

The Doc Holliday Classic
on your Ruger Vaquero®

* There will be an additional $200. for Bisley style conversion