Desert Thunder

This is our new DESERT THUNDER. The new series is built on your Ruger 357 Maximum frame and comes chambered in 41 GNR#2, 445 Super Mag or our new 416 GNR#2. The new DESERT THUNDER is a beefy 5 shot revolver with the barrel length of your choice, the engraving of your choice and the grips of your choice.

The new DESERT THUNDER shown is in 416 GNR#2 and has a set of exotic wood grips but can be made in laminated wood, ivory Corian or black Micarta. Stag is also available at a slight premium. The new DESERT THUNDER comes with our own longer gripframe in the popular Gunfighter Grip style and comes with all the normal features including your choice of the satin Black Chromex of the high polish Black Chromex finish. If you hunt the larger game animals our new DESERT THUNDER is the revolver for you. As always one third down and we get started on your new DESERT THUNDER








On your Ruger Maximum