Bad Medicine

Thru the years we have introduced a lot of series intended for big bad stuff that will have you for lunch. This is one of them, our new BAD MEDICINE. This new series is built on your base Ruger revolver and the caliber of your base gun doesn't matter as all that changes in the conversion. The new BAD MEDICINE is built in the caliber of your choice, in the barrel length of your choice and with the engraving and grips of your choice.

It is a full custom gun from the ground up. The gun is intended to keep you out of dangerous situations. If you have always wanted a very special revolver for those special situations, this is it. The BAD MEDICINE shown is chambered in our very popular 410 GNR but the caliber is up to you. And as always, one third down and we get to work on your new BAD MEDICINE.



on your Ruger base gun

*stag is an additional price