American Classic

 GARY REEDER CUSTOM GUNS is proud to announce a totally new concept in black powder revolvers, our AMERICAN CLASSIC. The brand new AMERICAN CLASSIC is based on your Ruger Old Army and that is where the similarity ends. The new black powder revolver comes in a more powerful 45 caliber plus a new 475 caliber and the real big boy, a 51 caliber. The cylinder is an oversized 5 shot cylinder built from scratch. Plus the barrel is an octagonal barrel, or the customer can have the standard round barrel. The new AMERICAN CLASSIC also sports a totally new look with our own gripframes fitted to it with custom grips. The 2 gripframes available are a Bisley style Gunfighter Grip or our own Magnum gripframe. You can have the grips of your choice, from ivory Corian to exotic wood grips. Mongolian stag grips are available at a slight premium.

Both versions of the new AMERICAN CLASSIC put out considerably more power than the standard factory revolver. In the 475 caliber the power ranks right up there with a hot 41 Magnum. The new 50 caliber is even more power. The 50 caliber is actually .510 caliber and .511 balls and .512 soft lead bullets work in it fine and are available.  The new AMERICAN CLASSIC also comes in stainless, satin Black Chromex of two toned, all up to you. The gun has adjustable sights with the front sight being the interchangeable blade front sight in gold bead, red or green fiber optic or standard black blade. Each gun has our normal features including full action job, Maxi Throat and Deep Dish Crown.


  Whether you choose the 45 caliber, the 475 caliber, or the big 51 caliber, the new AMERICAN CLASSIC becomes a whole new style of hunting handgun. As always one third down and we get started on your new AMERICAN CLASSIC.The 475 Revolver was used to take a 450 pound hog inwet weather and dropped her with one shot!

$1695 with the round barrel 

$1995 with the octagonal barrel

$1995 with round barrel and color case harden frame


on your Ruger Old Army

 8 month delivery in most cases