The Alaskan Hunter

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One of our most popular hunting revolvers is our Alaskan Hunter. This fine hunting handgun is built on your base gun which can be any Blackhawk ., Super Blackhawk . or Bisley . and can be built in the caliber of your choice.
As always the gun can be built with the barrel length of your choice, heavy duty 5 shot cylinder, Deep Dish crown and Maxi Throat on the barrel, the Magnum Gunfighter Grip with your choice of black Micarta, ivory Corian, exotic wood or laminated cherry grips (Mongolian stag is available at a slight premium), interchangeable blade front sight system with gold bead or standard blade front sight, full action job and sighted in and ready to go when you get it. You also get the animal scenes of your choice engraved on the cylinder and your name can be engraved on it at no additional charge. The Bisley Gunfighter gripframe, hammer & trigger as shown are available at a slight premium.  


And the Alaskan Hunter is available in several calibers including 41 GNR, 410 GNR, 454 Casull, 475 Linebaugh, 500 Linebaugh, 500 GNR, 510 GNR or our extremely popular 429 GNR, or 455 GNR. The 429 GNR is for the 44 mag lovers out there who want or need               

power. The 429 is basically a 454 casenecked down to 44. It is extremely powerful but without the harsh recoil of the 454. We have the dies and loading data. The 429 GNR is the absolute ultimate in a 44 caliber and still based on a standard size frame. You can have it with a round barrel or an octagonal barrel as shown at a small premium. The 455 GNR is simply a 475 Linebaugh case necked to 45 and gives you the ultimate in a 45 caliber. For those that want power without the recoil the Alaskan Hunter in either the 455 GNR or the 429 GNR is the perfect gun for you. 

The Alaskan Hunter can be built in a satin Vapor Honed stainless finish or our satin Black Chromex finish, or our popular two toned finish. Whichever you choose, you are getting one of the most popular hunting handguns in the world.


$1795.00 with round barrel

 *octagonal barrel is extra

on your Ruger base gun