The 510 HUNTER 
The 510 GNR

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A couple of years back we came up with a cartridge that was to end up being one of my top 3 cartridges almost overnight. It was an unusual cartridge in that I designed it to be smaller than the cartridge closest to it. It was purposefully shortened and because of it's shorter case, it now is capable of doing things the larger case could never do. The cartridge is, of course, our 510 GNR, which is a bit over 1/10th of an inch shorter than the 500 Linebaugh, but can do things the 500 Linebaugh could never do. 

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The 510 GNR flanked by the 50 Special 
on the left and 500 Linebaugh on the right

At the same time I was working on the cartridge I realized that we had to have a platform for that cartridge. That platform is our 510 Hunter. It is a totally new concept in hunting revolvers. It is available in a deluxe version with a classy octagonal barrel, Gunfighter Grip and red cherry grips and a considerable amount of engraving.

On the other side of the coin is our field grade 510 Hunter, which is just as fine a weapon as the deluxe grade. It just won't attract as many of the ladies for you. 

Both the deluxe grade and the field grade come with the barrel length of your choice, our Vapor Honed finish with high polished small parts, our set back trigger, Maxi Throat, Deep Dish crown, larger beefier 5 shot cylinder, and engraved with the game scenes of your choice. The 510 Hunter is built on your Blackhawk® or Super Blackhawk®  and your base gun can be in any caliber or barrel length as all that will change. Your base gun can also be blue or stainless. If blue the gun can be in our Black Chromex finish with contrasting stainless pins, screws and small parts. Either gun is loaded with the best features possible. 

The 510 GNR cartridge is one that will work dual roles as a hunting cartridge that will take the largest game on this planet with ease, or can be used as a target round with the lighter load. There is also a medium load for standard game on the North American continent. A 350 grain LBT bullet was designed by Cast Performance Bullets especially for this cartridge and it does it proud. The 510 GNR can also be loaded up to equal the 500 Linebaugh with the 435 grain LBT bullet. Or if you prefer you can get loaded ammo from Colorado Custom Cartridge LLC  

Whichever way you go, you can't go wrong. A finer hunting revolver would be very hard to find, than our 510 Hunter. As always one third down and we get started on your 510 Hunter.


Deluxe grade with octagonal barrel...$2295
Field grade with round barrel...$1795

Both are built on your Ruger® base gun